don’t you love a good mail day?


Oh happy day!  I love it when I get packages in the mail.  And today was an exceptionally good package receiving day.  My Talbots order arrived (yes, so much for not buying any new clothes until summer–but wait!  It’s all good–you will see).  AND my new-to-me phone came.  But first let me share this with you:

*new* vintage handbag, talbots chocolate brown wool skirt, talbots sweater, hermes scarf

 Please excuse the picture quality, especially with the toilet rounding out the “chicness” of my attire.  I do not own a full length mirror and this bathroom mirror is the best I can do (although in the future I may impress upon Master Bliss to take my photo instead).  As you know, I do not write a “fashion” blog.  But you had to see this fantastic vintage bag!  This is the one I was waiting for from France (smug smile), purchased from the lovely Tapouillon store I found on Etsy.  This is the outfit I wore yesterday, which you should also remember from this post.  I was quite pleased with how well “the look” came  together.  You can’t see my feet where I shod suede, chocolate-brown Mary Janes.  Overall, it was an outfit I felt very comfortable and chic in. 

 When I have posted about clothes in the past it has been in relation to my minimizing attempts with my wardrobe.  My goal has been to edit my clothes down to 20-25 items.  I think I am going to have to be satisfied with 28.  But considering with what I started out with, this is a very satisfactory accomplishment.  In fact 3 of my remaining items are dresses which I hardly ever wear except for special occasions (black wrap dress, red wrap dress, black w/white polka dots dress) and a suit.  So 28-4=24 items which is the core of my daily, working wardrobe.  Also, these would be the clothing items I will wear from Fall into Late Spring.  A few of them will be used into Summer but the bulk of my summer wardrobe is upstairs awaiting its editing turn (sigh).

So here is a picture of what came today from my Talbots order:

cashmere sweater and two long-sleeved tees

These new purchases lead to further closet/drawer editing which resulted in the removal of these items:

there are about 20 items here ranging from a couple vintage handbags to cashmere sweaters to hoodies and pjs--craziness!

  So, again–only 3 items in and about 7x that amount out.  It really is liberating.  Some of the items on the “out” pile were tough decisions, such as, the cashmere sweaters.  But guess what?  I still have three–I don’t need six.  In this pile is also my, sad to say, beloved navy blue Old Navy fleece pull-over.  I have known it has needed to go for a couple of years now but it is just so warm and comfortable.  I am getting rid of it for other reasons besides age.  I just don’t want to keep a bunch of “frump” clothes on hand which will only encourage me to dress “frumpy” when I am spending the day at home.  I now only have one sweatshirt and one lighter weight zip sweatshirt to my name.  And these will be reserved for exercise use only. 

So now my closet looks like this:

there is actually 1.5ft of empty space to the far left. everything is now on wood hangers which i use to think took up too much room whereas it was actually too many clothes

 And it use to look like this:

before any purging

My other package “surprise” was my new BlackBerry phone.  My Razr flip has finally decided to crack apart after ten too many drops on the floor.  You can refreshen your memory on my phone story here.  Miraculously, I still have reception on the broken phone but talking while not losing the call has become quite the challenge.   I found this BlackBerry on Ebay for $14.00.  Sadly, there was a USPS shipping fiasco I had to deal with (the box literally arrived at my post office, two blocks away, and then got sent back to the shipper in North Carolina for no explainable reason).  I will be switching my service over to my new phone today! 

i'll be taking your calls now

So even though I have brought new items into my home, minimizing and frugality still reign supreme–I have spent a fraction of what these items could have cost and have managed to stick to my rule of purging items out of here when something new/different comes in.  I think this is a win win.
A shout out to Tanja at Minimalist Packrat for rating my blog as one of the “all stars” on her minimalist Blog List.  I was completely surprised and honored.  Thank you, Tanja!
And one last shout out to COLIN FIRTH for winning his OSCAR last night.  I wish I could’ve danced his jig with him.
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22 responses to “don’t you love a good mail day?

  1. Great outfit and I didn’t notice the commode until you said something. I was too busy checking out that vintage handbag. It’s lovely and looks to be in remarkably good condition! And the color goes perfectly with the scarf.

    Good job on the phone purchase and all your purchases. I admire that you have committed to the one in, one out rule and then some.

    • The handbag is in fabulous condition. It’s not a real gator bag but it is one awesome imitation. The “one in, one out or more” rule has been a very good exercise for me. I can now honestly say that my husband has about 3 or 4 times more clothes than I do. xxBliss

  2. HOT BAG! Simply stunning. I nearly can’t see or hear anything else because I’m IN LOVE. A piece like that is worth waiting for the ferry from France. Oh, lordie, how chic it is! How chic YOU are! The outfit is great.

    Okay, now I’m focusing in on the rest. Did you say *28* pieces for fall to late spring? That’s worthy of a medal. I can’t imagine it–you have amazing willpower and editing tendencies–particularly if you’re ridding your wardrobe of that cool red bag. See, I don’t count bags. Or shoes. Or scarves. If I did….!

    • The bag does have that effect on people…it was commented on many times yesterday. First, I think most people are stunned to see someone carrying around a vintage bag and then they realize how gorgeous it is.

      Yes, I said 28 but this does not include accessories (for which I live), lounge-wear/pjs, exercise clothes or outerwear. Just my core wardrobe pieces. I have also cut my jewelry (a lot), shoes (by 1/3) and bags (on-going–I use to have a vintage handbag collection) down too but there are still plenty left over to work with my wardrobe. I love the mix and matching of everything now and how easy it is to get dressed for anything. xxBliss

  3. I LOVE a good mail day, and I would say this definitely qualifies!
    That bag is gorgeous! Love love love.
    Nice job on the purging – it feels great, doesn’t it?

    • Yes, I love purging! I did so much of it in such a short time span that I kind of burned out a little. But now I am getting ready to go a little nuts again.

      I honestly don’t know what I will ever do if the USPS goes out of business like it is rumored they may some day. A glimpse of my future: no mail and no social security. xxBliss

  4. Bliss, what a cool outfit photo and that is one gorgeous bag. It, and the scarf totally round off your look. You are elegance personified.

    Your wardrobe pictures are beautiful and I’m so glad you took a before picture. The wooden hangers make it look like your own little boutique. Can you come around to my house and help me be ruthless too?

    Congratulations on your all stars rating. I’m not surprised in the least with all the work you’ve been doing.

  5. Thank you! Elegance personified–I am writing that one down. I was completely surprised by the All-Star rating from Minimalist Packrat–she has a fantastic blog and provides a lot of motivation to get one moving forward in living a simpler, less cluttered life.

    And if you saw the rest of the closet, Master Bliss’ portion, you would shudder. Boutique it is not. Can’t win them all. xxBliss

  6. Good mail day = beaming attitude for two days.

    I love your displayed outfit for so many reasons. For one, I own the Talbot’s skirt (in charcoal and black) and wear it with many things: the black cash v-neck sweater, but also a thick v-neck T with a scarf and a button-down shirt I can leave outside the waistband (I only own one shirt that works in this manner). I can see that you have a curvy figure, and that the skirt does justice to it! The sweater color is beautiful with your skin, and the vintage handbag and scarf projects a “money” feel to the overall outfit.

    May I also suggest deploying the scarf and bag with jeans and a neutral top? Basic clothing really scream “elegant” when paired with expensive-looking accessories: very English country manor.

    Good job on the closet organizing; is it not so much more relaxing and enjoyable using an organized closet?

    Regarding Colin Firth: the best phrase way I can describe him is warm buttered toast on homemade bread on a sunny morning while wrapped in a snuggly blanket (NOT a freakin’ Snuggie). Just altogether yummy.

    • Awww, thank you, Rebekah for your generous comments. I do love to wear my scarf and bag more casually–for right now, I can’t seem to stop carrying this bag…I love it!

      On the subject of “Snuggies”…my mom wanted to buy me a pink one not long ago. For some reason, she had it in her head that this was the gift of my dreams. Thank goodness she said something about this out loud so I could gently let her down on not needing to buy this for me. Another needless gift fatality avoided. xxBliss

  7. GORGEOUS bag! Good for you! And thank you for the site to visit!

    You have some great Talbots purchases. For all of us working so hard on our budgets, I think as we continue to purge our pantries, closets, and life-styles, I do believe we need to go ahead with that great purchase when it presents itself. I love your thought of tossing all the “frump” – I am totally with you. I even gave my comfy college sweatshirt to my daughter to keep from wearing it. I found it too easy to come home from work and ooze into it and a pair pf yoga pants. Now I still change but into a casual outfit (sweater, flat shoes, pants.)

    Enjoy your new Blackberry… I am ashamed to say I am totally addicted to mine!

    Be well, my friend!

    • Beth, it is way to easy for me to dress frumpy during the winter while in the house–old house, all wood floors, tryiing to keep the heat down=COLD.

      I am in the learning curve of the new Blackberry. I love that I can check my email/write email on it. I didn’t get texting because I don’t like it. Hey, I have a question…do you know how to delete pictures in mass? The previous owner left over 100 pictures on the phone and I can only figure out how to do it one at a time…grrrrr.

  8. ooh I have booked marked you – will be back later to read – I have just jumped on this too!

    Lovely to meet you & love the photos!


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