tea for two and two for tea


Pardon my blog absence but Master Bliss and I have been working like dogs on hauling things out of here for a big garage sale.  The sale was supposed to be this coming weekend.  However, due to some schedule changes with us and one of our friend’s who is involved too, we have moved it to the next weekend.  Just as well because there is a lot to be done.  And it never fails, as we clean out one area, be it basement, garage or other, another project usually presents itself–screens to put in, a forgotten box to go through, a yard to mow, etc.  

With having family here last week and then not feeling well for few days (got a touch of mom’s plague), I realized I was missing our newly instituted afternoon tea ritual.  So today I ran down to the grocery store to get a few items to make this:


Home-made Strawberry Gluten-Free Shortcake with real whipped cream.  You want to see it again:

i even have a tea cozy from harrods of london...if you haven't used a tea cozy, i recommend it--it really does help to keep your tea hot longer

Master Bliss loves Strawberry Shortcake.  I love real whipped cream.  And we both love  Harney and Sons Paris tea (thanks, Adrienne, for the introduction!).  I use loose leaf tea and always make it in my Blue Willow teapot.  I pulled these luncheon sets out to glam it up a bit.   When everything was ready, I called in my grubby lawn boy and we sat down to a civilized tea together.   One can never be too busy for an afternoon tea break.  It is complete joie de vivre.

What is your tea ritual?

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14 responses to “tea for two and two for tea

  1. So beautiful – thanks for sharing!

  2. Yum!
    That strawberry shortcake looks delish!
    Wilzie and I had a garage sale last weekend. It was…fun…
    I’ll be interested to see how many people ask you how much you want for your garage.

  3. That shortcake looks delicious! How darling of you two to sit down to tea together.
    Tori and I often take afternoon breaks – when she’s around, which is seldom these days with school finals – and share a pot of tea. I went way overboard while in Paris and loaded up on loose teas by Mariage Freres and Kusmi. So we always have a plethora of teas to choose from.
    Paris tea by Harney is the best American tea I know. I wonder if it’s their top seller. It seems like it’s pretty popular. I do believe they have added a new design to the packaging on Paris…have you seen it? It resembles Mariage Freres http://www.harney.com/Flavored-Black-Teas/departments/224/
    What do you think of it?

    • Awww, that is nice that you and Tori share tea together. I think if my belle fille was still at home, she would enjoy doing something like that too.

      I checked out your link–I think I like the tin you sent me. I love the colors. Whenever I buy more loose leaf, I just add it to my tin–I plan on using it for a long time to come. xxBliss

  4. Tea time would be a wonderful tradition, especially with such delicious treats like you made. But my afternoon break (when I bother to take one) usually involves wine! ;) I think we should consider adopting siestas too…
    Best wishes on a successful garage sale!

    • I absolutely, whole-heartedly agree with the siesta idea! My belle fille is now living in a country where this is the custom and I am completely jealous. I am not much of a nap taker, but I could see using siesta for other pleasures–like drinking wine. : ) xxBliss

  5. That strawberry confection looks incredible–I would love to be at one of your tea times.

    I have tea all the time, with very little ritual involved. For me, it’s simply the joy of a great-tasting tea at every hour of the day. Mariage Frères is the only thing I drink, and it thrills me to no end whenever I make up a new tea bag.

    • I have never tried Mariage Freres…it must be good since I hear so much about it. Master Bliss likes the “strawberry confection” so much that he told me today (after another helping) that I should make it every time we have company over for dinner. What a sweetie. xxBliss

  6. Elizabeth Knight

    Hi- i have enjoyed reading your blog lately. I am particulary interested in the gluten free cake you served at tea- if this was from a recipe could you please share? Thanks from another chic celiac!

    • Elizabeth, welcome!! And thank you.

      I need to explain a couple of things real quick. One, I don’t have a celiac disorder that I am aware of. I simply decided to cut out most wheat and gluten products to see if it would help my weight. I do think it has helped me to cut down on abdominable bloating. I eat rice and corn instead. Two, I am not a baker so I don’t keep things in the house to spontaneously create something like this. I bought a Bisquick Gluten Free mix and they had the recipe on the box. Super easy. And of course I bought heavy whipping cream to whip into dreaminess. I think I will be keeping that on hand from now on. So yummy. xxBliss P.S. The box has an emblem on the side saying “Celiac Disease Foundation”…the mix uses rice flour.

  7. Oooh, tea! I’m actually planning a tea right now. For myself, however, I keep it fairly simple. Good early grey (generally a whole pot to myself, but this baby is killing all my fun) along with a treat. I love to make scones and homemade clotted cream and pile it all high with strawberry preserves. But, if I haven’t those on hand then I stick to a simple cookie/pastry, or slice of spice cake in the winter.

    Your tea and strawberry short cakes look divine!

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