the weekend involved…

…experiments in nail polish again.  It’s not Chanel Peridot but it’s nice (and only $3.99).

Rags to Riches it’s called.  Love it.

It looks great on the toes.  I did my fingernails for fun…trying color on them again.  Not as many slight panics this time around but I did try shredding them when I was tearing my basil for caprese salad.

On Saturday I received a dividends reward for Talbots.  Then they sent an email advertising 25% off and free shipping for regular priced items.  This was no time to waste or wait around to use my dividend.  I thought about what would shimmy up my minimalist wardrobe for Fall and decided on this:


Hear me purr.

While searching I found this and thought it looked vaguely familiar:

Ohmy!  I didn’t notice those shoes until I put the picture in this post (note to self).

Besides the wardrobe, some pantry items needed replenishing.  I bought some loose leaf green tea and black tea.  The green is wonderful.  Tomorrow I may try the Provence one.

Look, they are already buddies.

I also needed olive oil.  I have bought my olive oil from a Middle Eastern specialty store in the past.  Lebanese olive oil–it is wonderful.  I decided to kill two birds with one stone and get what I needed at an olive oil bar near the tea store.  Have you ever been to one of those?  You can taste test prior to buying.  There were hordes of people doing oil shots in this store.  My Belle Fille and I were perplexed.  Who drinks oil?  I found a high heat variety, poured some in a little cup to smell and dip my finger in… I certainly wasn’t going to chug it.   And that is what I bought.  The oilholics were making me nervous so we skeedaddled out of there.  I will be going back to my Middle Eastern store in the future both for price and the fact no one is hanging around the vats throwing back shots.

Sunday I got a lovely afternoon to myself.  I watched “Bliss” (and why wouldn’t I?).  It was AMAZING.  It is a Turkish film that tells the heart-wrenching story of an assault on a young woman who lives in a crazy, old-tradition village.  It is decided by the mafia-type village leader that she must be done away with because of the shame she has brought the family.  A man is chosen to do the “offing” and that is all I am going to say about it.  The cinematography is wonderful…the old-value, tradition bound village and its people are shot in a black and white with slight hues of color (think: a painted black and white photo) and the “modern” world is in color.  I just loved it.  I had to pause it a couple of times just to relax a little bit…it’s not scary, just unbelievable and taut.  I cried in the end.   I have added it to my movie queue so that Master Bliss can see it too (it is a “play it now” on Netflix).  I also started, but need to finish, “Queen To Play”–a French film with Kevin Kline.  Very sweet story so far.  I heart Kevin Kline.  His French voice makes me swoon.

Today (Monday) is reserved for bill paying, painting (Master Bliss has done a lot of touch-up painting getting ready for the Historic House Tour) and household chores.  We did start the day with breakfast out–I think that will be our fun for today. 

Two more things to share that I found really funny over the past few days:

1)  Rockefeller was bugging me when I was in the middle of trying to accomplish some sort of greatness (probably shopping for vintage handbags on Etsy).  For as long as we have had him, he is pretty ambiguous about letting us know when he needs to go out.   We have hung a bell but he never caught on.  He doesn’t go sit by the door and bark.  He doesn’t scratch at the door.  Nothing.  So I just regularly take him out.  Well, apparently I must have waited too long and him pawing at my legs wasn’t triggering any response so he figured out a new way to let me know:

Boy did I laugh at this.  I grabbed a bag, leashed him, opened the door and was dragged to the backyard where he promptly plopped and pooped.  Was it a flook?  Time will tell.

2.  I got a flier from Estee Lauder.   For some reason I am not tempted to buy their cosmetics:

Liz was on the front cover–with a black eye.  I think they need to offer a better concealer.

OK–that’s a wrap.

How was your weekend?

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14 responses to “the weekend involved…

  1. Great to hear about your weekend & catch up a bit! I’m feeling a bit out of touch & here we leave again tomorrow for a road trip–I love a good road trip & will hopefully come back with some nice pictures & things to write about. First stop is Charleston, which reminds me of you & I haven’t even been there yet. :)

  2. I’m still playing catch up because of my crazy week last week that prevented me from doing fun things like writing on my own blog and reading others.

    LOVE the Rimmell nail polish; I’m wearing my Peridot on my toes today, and so I feel the metallic nail kinship with you right now. I think you were smart in buying the $3.99 nail polish because you can wear it with your new kitty sweater from Talbot’s (whereas I have expensive nail polish and no new sweater). Meow, doll! That sweater is classic: wear with khaki, black, white, army green, red, fuschia, navy, etc. It will look smashing with jeans, a black or white tank top, and big Jackie O sunglasses. Don’t forget the metallic nail polish. And practice saying “Dah-ling” so you can come off naturally high-end instead of pretentiously snooty. :-)

    • I was beginning to wonder about you–thought you may be moving into your new home?? Glad you are back.

      Yes, I feel good about my good buys. All your suggestions on how to wear the sweater have me all excited about its arrival. I am working on my “dah-ling”. ; )

      • I just read AA’s post below. If I’m going primal…I’d rather wear leopard than snake. Although I did see some cream snake-skin Manolos at Nordstrom rack that would have gone PERFECTLY with your leopard sweater and a khaki green pencil skirt. So 1950’s.

        My wish is to source some leopard kitten-heel pumps. That’s a 2012 hunt and purchase. Then I can come visit you and we can wear our leopard on your porch, drink champagne, and make raucous comments at the people passing by.

      • I have read this comment 2x and laughed out loud both times. It’s a date! Be prepared for inexhaustable reasons for raucous comments in these here parts. We will have the red convertible close by so we can flee to the lake should we incite mob action against us. : )

  3. Your nail polish is fabulous! And so is the sweater. I think it’s one I looked at for a long time at Talbot’s. MP was a fan–he’s loving all the leopard this season, but I’ll admit–the snakeskin purse and bangle you located for me is much more my skin/style than leopard.

    I can’t believe that black eye–that the advertisement made it through the various departments means that something’s not right at EL. Wonder who will be the scapegoat.

    Ah, the weekend. How about a freak out for still living in Oklahoma after the high of Friday night’s art scene? Maybe I’m just not good with holidays–a tightly packed schedule is better for my sanity. Have a marvelous Monday!

  4. Uhm…ya…I am one of those weirdos that drink olive oil…Not all the time, but there is a store in San Francisco that makes the the BEST olive oil (Stonehouse) and I do drink that stuff. Its good for your insides ;)
    Love the nail polish!

    • Well, R, I do not stand in judgment against oil drinkers ; ). I imagine it is good for my insides but I just can’t entertain the thought of drinking oil. Although I do believe you would be a fun person at the olive oil bar. I love the polish too! Go get some!! xxBliss

  5. Let’s see here…so much to talk about and so little time (am about to leave the house for the day).

    1) “Bliss” was a troubling film, but I still liked it very much. It’s frightening and tragic how cruel humans can be to one another.

    2) I don’t enjoy tasting olive oil, but do it anyway at our local olive place. I like to try before I buy.

    3) Rock is a very clever boy. I wish Coco had his smarts. She just poops on the carpet without even trying to get my attention.

    4) Great sweater – the larger print on the arms makes it extra special.

    5) Dig the polish – and like how much moola you saved by not buying Chanel.

    6) Liz H looks like she’s in an ad from 1986. The shiner is very weird – maybe she was hit in the face by her boyfriend’s cricket ball.

    Off to run errands when I would rather stay home and write a post and read friends’ blogs….such is life. xo, A

    • You are right, “troubling” is a good word to describe that movie. Amazing to think how some cultures still live–the subject matter wasn’t much different than what we sometimes hear about in the news.

      You and Fojoy should do a girls night out and hit the olive oil bars. : )

      I am not sure the Rock is smart–although this has now happened three times (two of which he did go poop). He may not be smart but he sure is funny.

      Larger print on the arms better not make my arms look larger.

      I like this RImmel polish better than any of the Essie ones I have gotten. I really like the color.

      Cricket ball–LOL!
      Have fun errand running!
      xx, Bliss

  6. My weekend was great although it was practically hailing here in England! :( Those teas look delightful- I’ve been missing my tea collection while away from home xo

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