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How about a little fun?  I am going to step away from my normally deep, brain teasing, epic posts and share something less daunting.  Oh wait.  I don’t write deep, brain teasing posts…although I have hit “epic” once in a while.  Nonetheless, this one is all in the name of educational fun.  It’s time to learn how to tie a “criss-cross bow“.  Yes, we are back to scarves, peeps.

I wrote the other day about my new scarf toy, MaiTai’s Grande Mother-of-Pearl scarf ring.  I was playing it safe and using for the criss-cross knot on my first few outings with it.  Last week I decided to get a little crazy.  I flirted with the “criss-cross bow”.  I wasn’t sure that I could pull off the “look” of it because I don’t care for a lot of fluff on my person but I decidedly did like it and embraced the change.

Here is how it looks up close:

Here is how it looks with my outfit.  I really don’t dig the whole taking pictures of myself to plaster on my blog (I like it when other people do it…but for me, it is a little out of my comfort zone)–I find it a rather silly business so I decided to have fun with it.  I channeled my JCPenney Catalog posing skills (that were acquired in the late 70s/ early 80s and performed tirelessly with friends when we would goof off–we always wondered what the models were looking at in those catalogs, didn’t you?) to show it off at its best.

(this is the “suddenly I am surprised by nothing you can see” look)


(this is the “let’s look up at the studio ceiling and pretend I have just spotted the rare and elusive orange bellied parrot” look.  It’s harder to do than it looks because you really need to know what an orange bellied parrot is to convincingly pull it off–not all JCPenney models know this.)

I know.  It kind of puts a freshness on the self-portrait-in-your-bathroom-while-trying-to-hide-the-toilet photo session.

Would you wear the criss-cross bow?

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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43 responses to “jcpenney model

  1. I’d wear it like that. That’s a beautiful scarf and I love the look. I think that you should do a JC Penney pose with every post in future. Great cheekbones!

  2. You are too funny! I love the poses. And you know I’m a big fan of scarves.

  3. Very cute – post, scarf and poses. Thanks for the smile.

  4. Catherine R. Staat

    I love this post – cute, funny and agree you should do a JC Penney pose with every post! Love scarves – my favorite accessory.


    • They are my favorite accessory too. When I am getting dressed and find that I don’t have one to match my outfit, I get a little perturbed. Thankfully I have a few cool necklaces that can pull through in a pinch. ~~Bliss

  5. Swissy

    I really think this suits you…after all?? Thanks for the fun.

  6. Worn it and would wear it again! Oh, and speaking as a second-job-in-high-school JCPenney veteran, you nailed the pose!

  7. Love the poses,the bag and the scarf!
    I too feel like an utter prat putting my pic up, that’s why I chop my head out of them.

    • Thank you, Tabitha. You shouldn’t crop your head out of your pics but I understand…I do sometimes too. If you really like the bag, I have a link to another one that looks a lot like it but deeper brown for sale on Etsy (no, not one of mine). Let me know…~~Bliss

  8. You’re a hoot; we would have fun in person together. When I was in college, one of my friends and I decided to do sexy poses in front of a male friend one night who just so happened to have a camera. There may have been cheap champagne involved. I still have one photo, and it’s HYSTERICAL. It was nice to not be so self-conscious back then; it was also nice to have great skin tone.

    I’ve seen this knot on Mai Tai, and I’m glad to see a curvy girl modeling it. I, too, am very hesitant to add any fluff to my already fluffy upper half. But you have paired this pretty scarf and knot wisely with a top with drape and slim trousers. The colors are so flattering on you! Well done.

    • I have also had the same hunch about the fun that would ensue if we ever got together. I agree that the fluffy knot look worked for me because the other lines of my outfit were long…so after the “poof”, the eye is drawn down and the silhouette is not broken. Wow. Do I sound like I could write a style book? ~~Bliss

  9. Yes, I’m old enough to remember those crazy model pictures! Love the scarf and the new technique–you always look so put together. :-)

    • I think I would like to find a late 70s or early 80s JCPenney catalog to look through for old times sake. I loved doing that when I was a little girl…especially the bridal sections.

      I am glad that I “look” put together…a day around here would shatter that illusion I am afraid. ; ) ~~Bliss

  10. Northern Narratives

    Fun post. I really like the scarf. I would wear it :)

  11. Ellen

    I’m on the fence with the criss-cross bow although I am really digging the JCPenney posing and might give it try down here in our FL condo. Tons ‘o mirrors.

  12. LOL I love the JC Penney poses, my cousin and I used to do that with the Sears catalogues! The scarf is so pretty.

    • Thank you, dear. JCPenney and Sears catalogs were pretty much regulars in our household while growing up. Funny thing though…I don’t actually remember ordering through a catalog. At least I don’t remember packages coming to the house, however, I do think one could pick up orders at the store. So maybe mom did that. ~~Bliss

  13. Hi,
    The scarf looks great, love the photos. :)

  14. Forget JC Penny… I’m thinking watch out JJill and Sundance Catalog!
    Fun post. I’ll give it a try. I’m tired of wrapping my scarf like it’s a noose.

  15. Congratulations…I heard JCP has a contract for you as their next model. If you don’t want that position, then they want you as a photographer since you can take a photo in the bathroom without a toilet in the picture.

  16. Very impressive posing abilities…and the scarf is cute too ;)

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  18. You are an excellent JCP model! I am really buying the “I am looking at a rare bird” look.

    I like the way you tied your scarf even better than MaiTai’s – the way you pulled the end out to make a bow is just darling! I guess I need to put “scarf ring” on the old shopping list. You have convinced me. xo

  19. Your outfits are beautiful and I truly admire your ability to photograph yourself so well. I am a scarfophile, too. Did you see my post with the link to 37 Ways to Tie a Scarf? I think you should do the 37 ways with your favorite scarf, using 37 fabulous JC Penney model poses, and have Mister Bliss take all of the pictures in 37 different locations. Come out of the bathroom! And yes, I do use the criss-cross bow although I didn’t know its proper name until now. Merci!

    • LOL! Great idea…I will make sure to run this past him as my “first” idea for assignment for him. Just to see the horror flicker in his eyes will be great…followed by the relief when I say “OR we could do this…” because anything else I am sure would sound 100x better. I like how you think. ~~Bliss

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