visible monday ~~ the polka dot dress

I mentioned the other day that I wanted to start doing my Weekly Photo Challenge posts on Fridays to which my friend, Adrienne, suggested I use Mondays for Visible Monday.  She has participated for a while now and I always enjoy her posts.  But when I visited Not Dead Yet Style’s blog, the master-mind behind the idea, I was intrigued.  What a great way to promote a positive self-image for all women out there no matter age, size, status, etc.  We are bombarded daily with the ‘unrealistic’ images of Hollywood Stars, models and wannabes why not counteract those onslaughts with images of real women, real bodies all trying to put their best foot forward in their appearance and grooming? Also,  I thought this would be a great way to  demonstrate  how I work with my minimalist wardrobe AND I could utilize more of those JCPenney modeling skills.   First up, my polka dot dress.

I haven’t worn this dress in almost 2 years.  It was a pleasant surprise to find that it actually fits looser than it did the last time I had it on.  I was scared to wear it again after my last experience in it.  I had worn it to a wedding (I think with the same scarf you see in these pictures).  While in the bathroom at the sink, I decided to strike up a friendly conversation  with a woman I didn’t know–find out who she is, friend of the bride or groom, that kind of thing.  I think I started it with some comment about how pretty the wedding was.  Yes, she agreed and then said, “My husband likes your polka dots.”

Remember, I don’t know these people.  And here are my thoughts before answering:

Why would a man like polka dots?

What kind of man tells his wife he likes my polka dots?

And what the hell kind of polka dots are we talking about???

I manage to finally stop staring blankly,  murmur a weak “thank you’ and high tail it out of the bathroom…avoiding direct eye contact with any man I didn’t personally know the rest of the night.


Sunday was a gorgeous, Spring-like day, so I pulled the dress out of the back of my closet, picked out a springy scarf, lovely vintage bag and ended up with this ensemble:

(this is the “yes, i think i was a cheerleader but then there was this pyramid accident” pose)

(maitai’s MoP scarf ring, white side used with the “basic slide”.  she suggested i use this on my lighter weight scarves…she would know.  it worked beautifully. )

(i LOVE this meyer bag.  if monsieur hermes and mademoiselle chanel had gotten together, this would’ve been their baby)

(blue sparkly studs to pull out the blue from the scarf)

(a little more blue gemstone bling to wear with my watch…see the little dog staring at me?  i have to ignore him during photo sessions and he doesn’t much care for it).

Do you like wearing polka dots?

Remember to link over to Not Dead Yet Style to see other Visible Monday offerings.  If you would like to join the fun, please do!

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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40 responses to “visible monday ~~ the polka dot dress

  1. Hi,
    Very nice, I love the bag and the blue in the earrings and bracelet, they all go well together with the polka dots.

  2. Oh, I think that woman’s husband liked what was IN the polka dots! I love the scarf and handbag – I’d never have thought of pairing them with the dress but they work so well! Little Rockefeller just wants to pose with you!

  3. Ellen

    First off – is the bathing robin a new photo? I love that it’s an action shot. Haven’t seen one down here in FL yet.
    Secondly – I don’t own anything with dots on it but after seeing your lovely dress, I might need to go shopping.
    Thirdly – yes, I’m SURE that’s a word. I am in awe of the JCPenny poses. I really, really like the index-finger-on-the-chin one. There are more mirrors in this little condo than in my entire house and I believe I’ll give the whole posing thing a try – very soon.

    • So far I have missed the photo ops of Mr. Robin this year. The one on my header is from Spring last year. Didn’t know that FL had robins in the Spring. I thought they all went South in the winter and then came back here. What do I know?

      I am not one who gravitates to printed designs on my clothes…I wear mostly solids. But these polka dots are small and not overwhelming.

      Thank you about my posing skills…it means a lot. : ) ~~Bliss

  4. What a wonderful dress! I have an impossible love for polka dot dresses, and I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect one for some time now. You look wonderful!

    And about that husband . . . well. I bet he regretted that statement for a good long while.

    • I have missed you! Welcome back to my blog, dear. I own a total of three dresses and they are all from Talbots and are similar in style (in fact 2 of them are the same except different colors). Thank you for the compliment. ~~Bliss

  5. Very funny, Bliss! I laughed out loud about the polka dot conversation. :-)

  6. I like your polka dots, too! Classic. Love the idea behind these posts – especially if you can share more about your minimalist wardrobe!

  7. Thanks for posting to Visible Monday, Bliss! I had a good laugh at your wedding-chat story. Your dress, bag and scarf are fab-u-lous!!

  8. Lovely outfit! I adore that dress on you and the pastel scarf really works well with it.

    I am so happy you decided to join the fun on Patti’s blog!

    And that bag is magnificent…..what a find!
    xo, A

    • Ahhh, you know me and scarves…love them! Thanks for the encouragement to try this. It wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. And since I can hide behind some silliness (JCP poses), I can have fun with it too. ~~Bliss

  9. You look very nice in those polka dots. I can’t seem to pull them off, so I’ve given up trying. Maybe I could do a skirt, just nothing near my face. But I would definitely wear your scarf!

    I accept all compliments, from women or men. I wouldn’t try to read too much into it. My hubby tells me if he likes someone’s outfit. Usually as in, “You would look great in that, ask her where she got it.” Not in a “She’s hot” sort of way, lol! ;)

  10. What a great outfit! And lucky you to be holding on to Hermes’ and Chanel’s secret love child bag. You look like you stepped out of a 1940’s French movie, but in color. You should practice a convincing French accent and wear this outfit when you are next out of town. You could go to a bakery and demand to know if the croissants are fresh. When given the answer, make sure you strike one of your JCP poses, squint your eyes at the baker or their representative, and really consider their answer.

  11. Great polka dot dress! We must have gotten the same memo!
    Your scarf and the bag complements the dress perfectly. SO lovely!


  12. Oh yes i like polka dots…in fact i think like is an understatement. You look classy and elegant in that dress looks perfect with a colorful scarf. The bag completes the stylish look.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.Ilike the visible monday idea too ;-)

  13. I do enjoy wearing polka dots. I love the pairing of your polka dots with the greens, a combination I would not have thought of–you’ve got me thinking outside of the box. As for the random bathroom conversation…weddings can lead to all sorts of awkward statements. That woman may be haunted by her comment to this day.

  14. Really cute outfit. Love the polka dot dress with the scarf. Is your dog a Coton de Tulear? He’s a little blurry in the picture, but he looks like our Coton, only yours appears to have been groomed more recently. Great dogs! Our dog’s picture is at the beginning of this post. Enjoy!

    • Merci for the comments and stopping by. Our dog, Rockefeller, is a Havanese (mix?). We rescued him over a year ago and we were told that is what he is. I can’t figure out what he is mixed with because he looks so much like my cousin’s pure-bred Havanese. But he has been a great addition to the family and such a joy. I have never heard of Coton de Tulear but I did hop over to your blog to check him out. He looks a little bigger than Rockefeller (?). He’s a cutie too. Your blog name is great! I laughed at loud just reading the header. ~~Bliss

      • Thanks. Our dog weighs 11 pounds. If you google Coton de Tulear and click on images, you will see some that look a lot like your Rockefeller. And the all white ones are the European Cotons. There are tri-colored ones bred in the US. Maybe he’s a Havanese Coton Mix. Whatever he is, he looks like he has found a wonderful home. Enjoy. Thanks for stopping by.

      • I guess the picture you have up that I saw of your dog makes him look larger than he is. Eleven pounds is small. Rockefeller is in the thirteen pounds range. I will google Coton and find out more about the breed. ~~Bliss

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