visible monday ~~ april showers

When I was a kid we use to say “If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?”  You remember the answer, right?  Pilgrims.  Oh…hahahaha.  We thought we were so funny and clever every time we shared this profoundness.  This year the flowers have already bloomed in April but I still need to be prepared for the showers nonetheless.  Last week I promised you some “blah” and “blah” is what I will deliver.

I love the ubiquitous trench coat.  I have a long one and a mid-length one that I wear often–mostly when I am more dressy.  But I didn’t have a lighter weight,  shorter length for casual wear.  Last year while thrifting with a girlfriend, I found the perfect one.

(coat: London Fog; scarf: Hermes; jeans: Chicos)

I love the length and that it is single-breasted which tends to work better with my curvy shape.  However, the color is a death sentence for my skin tone.  To combat that I like to wear a scarf (if it is pouring I wouldn’t let this hang out like it is shown) or some piece of colorful jewelry around my face.  Another reason I bought this was for its detachable hood feature.  Curly hair gals love hoods to protect from the frizzies.  But just because we love them doesn’t necessarily mean we should wear them:

EEEEEEGADS!  Not cute but when the torrential deluge is raging outside this is obviously the better choice.

And now let’s turn our attention to our JCPenney Model pose:

MODEL DOWN!  MODEL DOWN!  Evidently it was a little too wet in our “April Showers” bathroom studio for her to handle in her stilettos (I smell lawsuit).  Umm, hopefully she hasn’t hit her head on the bathtub too hard and will back with us in the future.   So sad.  And just when she had discovered her love of reading.

Remember, Visible Monday means I have linked up with Not Dead Yet Style so please go check out the other great outfits for this week.

Do you like trench coats?  How do you wear yours?  Also, I would love any suggestions on how to iron silk scarves.  I recently washed all of mine and they are looking a little limp.

Enjoy your Monday!

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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52 responses to “visible monday ~~ april showers

  1. Very dashing trench, Bliss! And the scarf is indeed the graceful extra touch. I just iron my silk scarves on low heat, but maybe I am an ironing dolt : >. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  2. Hi,
    Actually I think the coat is perfect even with the hood, very nice, but I had to have a laugh at your photos. :D

  3. A trench is always chic and that gorgeous scarf just finishes of the look!

  4. Jan

    I hand wash silk scarves, roll them in a terry towel, pressing out most of the moisture, and immediately iron carefully on the wrong side. It works well!

    • Jan, that is how I washed mine too but I let them air dry, curious about the results. Some dried perfectly fine but a few were a little drab looking. I have since ironed them, using the suggestions, and they all look great. Thanks! ~~Bliss

  5. My winter coat is actually a long down trench, but I don’t have a shorter rain coat like this. I am definitely a fan of the London Fog brand though–you’ll have years of good use from this. And the poor model…

  6. hehe…you never fail to make me laugh with your funny musing. Lovely trench, it’s a great idea to add a nice colorful scarf to add pizzaz! By the way…the fall in the bathroom is just an act? Because I don’t want to laugh inappropriately ;-)


    • Funny musings and demented are interchangeable words around here. And yes, fear not, the fall was an act. But I did lie on the floor in the bathroom to get the shot. I should have put a leg up in the air or something to exaggerate the whole thing. ;) ~~Bliss

  7. That’s my kind of coat – great find! I love a trench coat, but I too prefer a single-breasted one and they’re hard to find. As for your scarves, I’d love to suggest something but I know more about coal-mining than ironing silk. Now I have to rush off and order a huge Get Well Bouquet for JC Penney model girl. (I’ll pray for you that she doesn’t sue!)

  8. Thanks for the Monday smile – great photos – regarding your scarfs … I use to iron them with high steam – Love scarfs too. You look very smart .. – brilliant website for how to use scarfs. Good luck.

  9. Since moving to Britain, I only have trench coats (bought in the US, Britain doesn’t seem to know about hoods on longer coats…). They have zip-out linings and detachable hoods (which stay attached, given the weather). I have one in charcoal, one in navy, one in stone…. I absolutely love them.

    • I used to have a trench in Dark Navy and I got rid of it when I found my “stone” colored long one. I miss it. The navy actually looked better on me but I wanted to look more “French”. So now I look more like walking dead French. Whatever. Thank goodness for scarves. Charcoal is another color for me to consider. ~~Bliss

  10. Lara

    Good Morning to you!

    The trench is not something I’ve ever owned, I’m reconsidering.

    As for your scarves, iron while the cloth is fairly damp. It actually takes less pressure, less heat, and fewer passes of the iron. I think it works much better than starting with a dry scarf and using steam. I either use a spray bottle, or wet the scarf and blot with a towel to remove most of the water, then iron. I’ve had success with this method with everything from floaty vintage fabrics to heavier twills. Do let us know what works for you, and gets the kind of result you want, I’m always up for another good idea!

    • Thank you for the scarf tips. As I mentioned in other comments, I ironed mine yesterday and am very happy with how they look. I used the spray bottle to dampen them, muslin to protect, silk setting with no steam. All is good in scarf land. ~~Bliss

  11. Cute jacket!!
    Ironing silk scarf–I use a piece of muslin overtop to protect the scarf and use a silk setting on my iron.

  12. Ellen

    Love the trench – particularly the length. Adding color is a wise choice.
    I owned a dark green (below the knee) one several years ago that I wore a lot. I have no idea what happened to it; probably took it to Goodwill. I’m not sure why but if I found one like yours, I’d probably snatch it up. No hood, tho’. They irritate me but then – I’m a short haired gal.
    I have never heard the “May flowers” thing. You must have hung out with a much funnier crew than I did as a kid. ha!

  13. Juhli

    Pretty funny post! I love shorter trenches and got mine in a dark violet blue as tan is death for me too. The scarf solves that. I’d just iron the scarves on the back side with the lowest setting on your iron.

  14. MODEL DOWN! You crack me up!

    Love your trench. I’ve never really invested in one as I live in the deep south and it’s already in the 80s here everyday… just a light jacket or sweater in the morning or late at night (for those super rare occassions when I’m actually out late at night??). For rainy weather I have a super-light hooded waterproof jacket which is not the prettiest thing ever but I’ve had it forever and it keeps me dry when necessary. Maybe I’ll get the guts to join Visible Monday one day, too :)

    • Clara, I probably need some sort of professional help but I am glad I could make you laugh. : ) The coat I am wearing in this picture would probably be a great weight even for Florida. Do join Visible Monday! Would love to see you participate. ~~Bliss

  15. Lady Bliss! You’re stylin’ in that trench! What a beautiful scarf!!!!
    You and your JCPenny model! LOL!
    I love trench coat…I think it’s a must piece for any (men & women) wardrobe…imho. :)
    Have a good one!

    • I love trench coats on men too…I can’t talk Master Bliss into getting one though. You know what I also like on men…or at least I did in the 80s…are those long duster coats that were popularized in Australia. Merci! ~~Bliss

  16. Nice proposal, beige trench coat and colorful scarf, perfect.

  17. You have nailed fit. I just had to give up my black trench and red swing jackets. Bermudian moths I guess. Lets go shopping!

  18. I use a press cloth when ironing fragile fabrics. Try a low setting and iron through the press cloth on the back side of the scarf. I hope this helps! Fun pictures!

  19. I think you look very chic in the trench, even with the hood. I love hoods on raincoats. It is so windy here in Kansas that umbrella’s usually turn inside out, so a hood is a necessity.
    I too use a press cloth when pressing silk.

  20. Hi Bliss, Everyone knows that I wear trench coats…I’m wearing my black one in my Gravatar photo. I have a chocolate brown one as well. I also carry a large scarf in the pocket. I always Scotchgard all the scarves that I travel with so that I can cover my hair if it starts to rain. Also, I never wear stilettos as you unfortunately pointed out their extreme danger. Hopefully a glass of wine took you mind off the unfortunate accident.

    • I hadn’t thought about Scotchgard(ing) my scarves…I will give that some thought (too bad I am so anti-chemical on most things). Smart to carry one in your pocket at all times…you are so savvy. As for the accident–well I am not sure wine is what that model needed. (BTW, I never wear stilettos either–I think I would rather walk barefoot on hot coals). ~~Bliss

  21. SewingLibrarian

    Use the silk setting and a press cloth, iron when the scarf is damp, and (you probably know this already), don’t iron those hems. Just iron up to the hems, but not on them. Oh, and no steam. In fact, I keep an iron just for ironing silk that has never had water in it. Yes, I am a little obsessive on this topic, LOL.

  22. This is exactly the kind of trench I need (mine is long and bulky!) The scarf is gorgeous of course!

    I have a $100 Gift Card Giveaway from Soft Surroundings if you would like to enter!!

    Art by Karena

  23. This is a very smart looking spring coat. Practical and stylish and love the blast of color.

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