weekly photo challenge ~~ sun


“My future’s so bright, I’ve gotta wear shades…”

Let’s bring on the sun.  These photos are all from my last trip to Tennessee to visit the folks.  One never knows how the sun will present itself on any given day while in the mountains.  First we might have a fog diffused sun:

And, in the next few hours, a gorgeous sunset against the silhouetted Smokies:

Which in turn, paints little white dogs with a hue of pink:

Enjoy the weekend, enjoy the sun.  Watch a sunrise or sunset over the next couple of days while you count your blessings.

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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8 responses to “weekly photo challenge ~~ sun

  1. The sun … the planet that we adore most .. the heat and comfort and the mountains that gives a feeling of endlessness . Really love the photo on your profile where your dog is sitting looking out on the world through the window. Wish you a wonderful weekend.

  2. Northern Narratives

    Great photos :)

  3. Hi,
    What wonderful photos of the differences in the sky through the sun, I love the colours in the second photo, and what a very cute dog, beautiful photo. :)

  4. Juhli

    Enjoy your weekend too! Hope its full of sunshine.

  5. Beautiful photos!!…last one being my favorite!
    Happy weekend to you Bliss!

  6. Ellen

    Lovely pics; a “pink” Rocky is definitely a fav.

  7. That sunset photo is so beautiful. A little pink Rockefeller is even better!

  8. Lovely photos…Bliss!

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