weekly photo challenge ~~ unfocused

Unfocused.  Really?  I guess there might be some really cool offerings for this challenge…somewhere else.  But since I am committed to sharing in the fun here are two “unfocused” shots I took on our trip to the Dominican Republic last Fall.

The first was “entertainment” provided at our resort one evening.  I truly do not understand the objective of what they were doing in and around the pool but there was music and fire so I guess that means we were watching a show.

This other picture was taken in a historical building in Santo Domingo.  I think  it used to be a church but now it is used as a government building.  While we were touring, the pink sunlight was coming in through this stain glassed window casting a wonderful hue in the room…alas, I did not capture it well.

Enjoy the weekend!

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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9 responses to “weekly photo challenge ~~ unfocused

  1. might be a taino ritual, lol

  2. All I need is a few cocktails, then “unfocused” is no problem! x

  3. Hi,
    Actually I really like the first photo, with the fire reflecting on the water. :)

  4. Well, I could have provided you with tons of photos for this challenge!
    Next time…
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Ellen

    I’m thinking it must be hard to appreciate an unfocused picture but, hey, there’s fire. What’s not to like about that?
    I love the window shot. A beautiful pink.

  6. I like Sulky Kitten’s comment! I like the fire on the water. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Who knew unfocused photos were valuable? (I coulda been a contender!) All kidding aside, though, I think that second photo is really beautiful.

  8. We are all unfocused at times … with or without camera. Great weekend to you too.

  9. Mysterious, exciting and inspiring. There’s something captivating about the images. It tickles one curiosity as it did to mine. Have a great weekend.

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