visible monday ~~ it’s a wrap


Oh my goodness.  Happy Monday everyone.  This is going to be short and sweet.  We were gone all day yesterday for a couple of events, including a wedding.  The wedding was gorgeous.  I am very, very happy for my two friends who have found true love a second time around.  And thanks to the bride’s creative genius, I was able to steal this idea for Belle Fille’s wedding next Saturday:

Isn’t that just super cool?  The whole reception was cool because it was held in a gorgeously renovated barn.  Rustic elegance.  I like it.

I only have one picture of what I wore.  OK, well there are a couple of group shots but this is the only one of just moi.  Master Bliss caught me just as I was going into a blink but otherwise it’s all right.  Frankly, it will have to do because I am too tired…and already in my PJS…to go upstairs for a “bathroom photo shoot”.  Let me just say, I was in this outfit from 8:30 AM until about 10:45 PM.  The shoes, my friends, were AMAZINGLY comfortable.  They have now been thoroughly tested for the wedding day and my feet are so happy.

This dress I have had for a number of years…I own it in red and black.   I paired it with my “new to me” scarf which I love–and which is an early anniversary gift from Master Bliss…the best hubby ever!  Merci, Aesthetic Alterations for making it possible.  I must have worn the scarf 4 different ways through out the day.  At first it was in a cross-tie, then it was worn as a shawl, followed by knotted around my neck (until I thought my head was going to blow at the very warm wedding ceremony–someone finally put on the air before the wedding started–MERCI.), and then knotted loosely in a low hang (does that make sense?).  And how in the world did I forget to wear my handbag in this shot?? In case you are wondering, I wore the “Hermes/Chanel Love Child” vintage green bag.   So here’s the knotted at neck/going to a wedding look:

(dress~~Talbots; scarf~~Hermes; shoes~~Clarks)

I am off to bed as soon as I hit publish.  Please check out the other ladies today on Visible Monday.  You never know the inspiration you will find at Not Dead Yet Style.

Good night.

~~Mistress Bliss~~

P.S.  I can’t wait for our wedding to be over just to get something done with this hair.  What, I do not know but something WILL be done.


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25 responses to “visible monday ~~ it’s a wrap

  1. wow…the wedding looks really amazing and beautiful. The barn idea is such a novel idea! And the decorations are lovely too. The cards in a suitcase and butterflies glass jars are really fabulous! What a long day out, you do a little tired but you look pretty nonetheless, that red dress is gorgeous. The scarf adds a nice finishing touch!

  2. Looking good, you must had stand out in your red dress … don’t see much color on the other ladies. Stunning ban … massive. Great party and I hope you got a great night sleep.

  3. Great dress and what a lovely setting for a wedding!

  4. As usual, you look great Bliss. I love the dress/scarf on you and I’m glad you got to road-test the shoes. There’s nothing worse than aching feet on a very long, important day! Leave your hair alone! I love your hair! Not long to go now, let the Final Countdown begin!

  5. Ellen

    Love the dress – red is a great color on you. So happy that your shoes passed the “all day, all night” test.

  6. You look fab, my friend! Mr B is very talented at scarf-purchasing, isn’t he? It’s a beauty. What are your plans for the hair? Curlies have to know!!

  7. You look wonderful in the red dress!! The wedding looked really cool!!
    I’ll be thinking about you this week–I know what you’re going thru! Hows the Bride-to-be holding up? My B-t-B is texting me multiple times a day. Who knew weddings are so exhausting to the Mother of the Bride?? LOLOL

  8. What a neat wedding! I love funky-crafty touches, without looking like “down at the farm” ;)
    That dress looks super comfy. I need to get another go-to wedding dress, my black one is getting overused.

  9. kathleenlisson

    This scarf is beautiful. I am in the same boat when it comes to pre-wedding hair. It’s too long but I can’t cut it off until after the wedding!

  10. Oh, I love that dress. Such a flattering drape. Great color, too.

  11. Beautiful dress!! Love the scarf with it, too. Great way to be both stylish and comfortable all day.

  12. Hi,
    I agree, the idea of the little suitcase for the cards are brilliant. :)
    I think you looked very nice, I love the outfit.

  13. Darling idea for the cards…and you look radiant, my dear. I love that scarf. Smart purchase!
    Hope you are well!
    xo, A

  14. Great dress! Looks comfortable too. Wedding barn is lovely – rustic elegance perfection. Glad you had a good time. Love the Hermès/Chanel bag! Bonne semaine!

  15. Lady in Red! How pretty are you!
    Weddings in a barn is quite common where I live….it’s actually quite beautiful with gorgeous views of the pasture and mountains.
    I know you prefer black, but you look really really good in RED! :)

  16. Lady in RED! I love it.

  17. Love. This. So. Much. I know this isn’t a retro/vintage dress, but the way you style your outfits, and your figure and hairstyle, really put a vintagey-vibe stamp on everything you wear. It’s so fun, ladylike, and age-appropriate without so much as a hint of staid or matronly. This dress is so you, and I wish I had one (curvy girls rock the wrap dress).

  18. Style Mentor™

    Love the rustic barn wedding idea! Since I am an urban farmer I just got an idea for my own two daughter’s weddings. I am sure the chicken house is big enough for them! But seriously… you worked that scarf 4 different ways? Wow. I am interested in your scarfing. I haven’t been good with the scarves so far. You are my inspiration. :-)

  19. Style Mentor™

    I just lost my comment trying to log into WP!! Ok, so I am envious of your scarfing abilities here. I am inspired to wrap my neck now. :-)

  20. Looking good Bliss! And the barn is very cool. For me it was the 3rd time around! And truly the love of my life…. just had a lot to learn before 40.
    Time to let your computer have a rest this week and happy wedding weekend.

  21. Merci, merci, mes amies! Such wonderful, complimentary things have been said and I appreciate it. Time prevents individual responses (and I have one more quick post to share before I sign off for a few days)…I do apologize. As much as I am looking forward to this weekend/wedding, I also look forward to a calmer time afterwards. xo Bliss

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