visible monday~~experimenting with scarf

Bonjour!  Happy Monday to all.  We had the most glorious, wonderful weekend ever.  The wedding was fabulous…an absolutely beautiful day in every possible way (except the rain).  But more on that later.  Today is Visible Monday and this post will show a few different ways I have enjoyed wearing my new anniversary present.

I did major errand running, last-minute projects day last week.  This is how I chose to wear my scarf for my day of chaos:

Master Bliss took this photo as I am getting sick of taking them in the bathroom.  But after I saw this picture, I skeedattled up to the bathroom anyway to refashion my scarf to this:

I liked it better tied this way to show off the colors more, and frankly, it is a look I don’t wear often.  Such a pretty scarf!  And what can make it more versatile than MaiTai’s scarf ring...seriously.

Then on Friday last week I decided to wear the scarf as a belt to the Rehearsal/Rehearsal Dinner.

I have the hardest time pulling off the casual, cool look of linen…I really do.

Rehearsal Dinner was a boat cruise on Lake Michigan and the evening was perfect…weather just warm enough with  sunlight dancing on the water.  It was a great way for many, many visiting family to see the beauty of Lake Michigan.

Absolutely LOVE Lake Michigan and Big Red.

Don’t forget to visit Not Dead Yet Style to see other great outfits.

Have a great Monday and go tie one on for me–a scarf that is.

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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45 responses to “visible monday~~experimenting with scarf

  1. Ellen

    Love both looks and so happy to hear about the wedding weekend. I look forward to seeing/hearing more.
    I vote that Master Bliss follow your every move when you’re ready for your photos shoots. It just doesn’t seem fair that you have to do it alone. All that running up and down the stairs must be exhausting not to mention dangerous. hehe

  2. Beautiful scarf, and I love the way you ended up wearing it – very chic! I think Rockefeller makes a wonderful accessory. Glad you all had a fabulous wedding day, looking forward to hearing more about it. You’re so lucky to live beside Lake Michigan, it looks stunning.

  3. You are queen of scarves…i like the re- styled scarf…definitely show off the pattern and colors much more. I like the scraf pin too. i rarely wear scarf…but you are definitely convincing me to wear them more often…they can really add dimension to any outfit.


  4. The second scarf-tie is so pretty – it flatters your face, neck, and really displays the beauty of the scarf. A trifecta!

    Rockefeller is indeed the ultimate chic accessory – tiny, clean boy puppy to walk and coo over. When a Birkin is out of the question, have a Rockefeller.

  5. Love the scarf and how you styled it! Is that a scarf pin??
    The rehearsel looks amazing! Congrats to the new Bride and Groom!!

  6. Ahh, that gorgeous scarf – it does make even the already-beauteous (you) more lovely!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful scarf! It was made for you–without doubt. I adore how you showcase the versatility of the classic carré size; it demonstrates how immensely useful such a piece is, even in a busy life.

    • Yes, the 90cm carre is wonderfully versatile. And I think I do agree that this scarf was made for me. Everytime I look at it, it gives me smiles and warm fuzzies. I love the colors and the whimsicalness of the print. Merci!

  8. Hi,
    Looking forward to hear more about the wedding. :)
    Love the outfit and I like the scarf both ways, but I love the picture with the dog, very cute.
    Looks like it was a wonderful cruise, very relaxing.

  9. I love your scarf–so chic! Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures.

  10. Gorgeous scarf any way you tie it! Cruise looks lovely, too. Glad you had a great weekend!

  11. Lara

    I really like the way the cowboy knot not only shows much more of those wonderful colors and the pattern, but it also echos the lines of your jacket very nicely, pulls everything together. Fabulous!

  12. I’m glad that everything went as well as it could. I remember the last minute frantic quality of the days before a wedding. The scarf is lovely and a rehearsal dinner that “takes one away” even if briefly was a great idea.

  13. You look terrific no matter how you wear your beautiful gift. Happy to hear that the wedding turned out wonderful.

  14. Really like the new way .. that you wear you scarfs … it shows the pattern much more of the scarfs – then in the old style. And it brings a softness to your face. Looking good, Girl. Love my linen too.

  15. Helen

    GREAT job with the scarf … I really love the jacket you are wearing as well. I lived in MN for 24 years .. spent time on Lake Michigan too! I miss the Midwest.

  16. Love that grey jacket/sweater so much. Very figure flattering. And as someone who tried and tried and tried with linen, its just impossible.

  17. So glad the weekend was wonderful!
    I love the way you wore your scarf in the second photo…I’ll need to try that.
    Can’t wait to hear about the wedding!

  18. I do love the ways you are wearing that scarf. No idea why you don’t think you do the linen thing well – you look great to me. Speaking of scarves, I’m in the middle of making myself one from an old polyester skirt that belonged to my mother in law. I love the print, but not that it was a size 20-something skirt so I put it away til I had time. My colour for May (I assign a colour per month and try to wear something that colour every day) is green. I love green but it doesn’t necessarily love me. Anyhow, this print has several shades of green and some pink and purple on a mainly white background. I’m trying to sew a beaded fringe on each end – the fringe comes from my Aunt Rita’s sewing stash. I’m hoping to show it on the blog when it’s finished (which may take a while, given the complications of hand sewing beaded fringe…). Where did you get the great scarf ring?

    • How cool that you are making a scarf out of a skirt! I can’t wait to see it…so creative. The scarf ring is from MaiTai’s blog…do you know it? She is on my Bedazzling Blogroll. She sells these scarf rings in a variety of colors and sizes. I liked this one because it is Mother of Pearl and reversible. I have used it A LOT since I bought it. Go get one!

  19. the sky blue outfit is beautiful, I share

  20. I’m with Helen… love that sweater jacket.
    Beautiful lake photos.

  21. The scarf looks great on you. Just beautiful. Love the lake images. I hope to see it one day. The blue and red contrast reminds me of the American flag and the heroes that served this great nation. have a blessed day. Thanks.

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