weekly photo challenge ~~ blue


Another shot from our trip to Dominican Republic.  Looked like a pretty cool place but we didn’t check it out.

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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21 responses to “weekly photo challenge ~~ blue

  1. parashartales

    i loved it…its a bliss itself…wow..m running short of words…amazing work done…

  2. Hi,
    A very nice photo. :)

  3. Look at the size of that glass! I’d have been in like a shot!

  4. Very cool! That’s one of my favorite colors of blue and reminds me of a dress I saw in a store that I’d love to wear. Five more pounds, first, though.

  5. Ellen

    Such a coolio blue and you passed it up. Now you’ll never know.
    I’m remembering to uncheck the notification box. yea, me!

  6. Hi Bliss! I nominated you for the Liebster award!!! Check out the details here: http://www.theeducatedlife.com/2012/05/liebster-award.html

  7. What a beautiful shot – look like a Swedish ice bar … inside. http://www.icehotel.com/uk/ICEBAR/ – the have them all over the world now. Very COOL picture.

  8. electric blue! Looks like a really cool place, I like the rustic walls too


  9. Great shot – looks quite surreal and I’m not sure I would venture in there either!

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