jungle dog

I was out planting flowers today and had Rockefeller on the tie out.  To say he’s not an outside dog is an understatement.  I actually missed the best photo op.  I couldn’t find him for a minute until I saw him hiding in the dirt (why would he lie his white belly on the cool, clean grass?) , completely concealed by a hostas.  I ran inside to get the camera and of course he moved on me…but he still looked like a little dog lost in the jungle.



Hear me ROAR!


Yes.  I am that tough.


Hope you are enjoying your  weekend too!

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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17 responses to “jungle dog

  1. Hi,
    He’s a cutie, and he looked gorgeous in the garden, I mean jungle. :D

  2. He is just too cute! We haven’t tried our dog on a tie out. What do you have it hooked to on the non-dog end?

    • We have a corkscrew looking stake thing that you just twist into the ground. He never does anything while out there except wait for us to go back in. Which is a good thing because if he was always digging in the dirt and eating plants that could get annoying.

  3. Diane Campbell

    that little dog has settled right into life at the bliss house!

  4. Absolutely cute…and your garden is beautiful


  5. A sweet looking creature – in your jungle – a cute thing too. Wouldn’t mind spend some time in your jungle. Look so well trimmed and no snakes I hope.

  6. Ellen

    Next week – play date in our yard, eh?

  7. Okay, you know how I love my pup…but your Rockefeller comes pretty darn close! He is ADORABLE!

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