visible monday ~~ white before memorial day

Greetings, blog-reading earthlings!

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.  Our weather is gorgeous–making this weekend feel like a true kick-off for summer.  Yay!!

On Sunday I decided to wear white, quite rebelliously, before Memorial Day.  I know. I know.  The white “not before Memorial Day or after Labor Day” rule no longer applies but it is funny how ingrained certain “rules” can be.  I think living in a Northern climate made that rule more applicable for some reason.  I paired my linen white skirt with a light blue argyle sweater with some pops of orange.  For the record, I was freshly pressed (but NEVER by WordPress, oh no, everybody else gets pressed, mais pas moi, blogging almost 2 years and nothing–sorry. Rant.) before leaving earlier in the morning–alas, linen.

This photo session was taken outside.  I was really excited to learn more about my camera.  For example, the above picture was taken by moi (Master Bliss did most of the rest) because I finally figured out how to use my timer.  Then I found the “drive” mode which allows pictures in quick succession.  Do you know how many times through the years this would’ve been convenient?  Nevermind.  Perhaps it is time to read the manual?

(sweater, tank, skirt: Talbots; shoes: Clarks; handbag: Kate Spade; watch: Seiko via Ebay; pearls: from Grandma; brooch: vintage via Etsy)

You will be proud of me.  I wore my shoe sans nylons.  I am finally boldly going where every other woman has already ventured before me. : )  Bonjour toes!

Last year I read the book, “Parisian Chic” by Ines de la Fressange.  Since she is French, I took many (not all) of her suggestions under careful advisement.  As a result, I bought a (vintage) straw handbag (page 47) on Ebay to use for summer–of course forgetting I already had one that was my Grandmother’s.  I resold the one from Ebay on Etsy and have decided to use Grandma’s instead (not sure for how long as the straps are weak).  I pictured it here to see how it looks with a summery outfit.

The quick succession mode could capture everything…even rogue bug attacks:

Don’t forget to visit “Not Dead Yet Style”.  Have a fun Monday!

Yay or nay on straw handbags?  Which fashion rule(s) do you love to defy?

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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45 responses to “visible monday ~~ white before memorial day

  1. kathleenlisson

    That bag is fabulous. I like to follow the summer whites rule because it ensures that my clothes are evenly worn throughout the year. New York gets all four seasons, so I like my wardrobe to experience all four seasons, as well.

    • Good plan, Kathleen. Even though I live in Michigan, my wardrobe is really only two seasons: Fall/Winter/Early Spring and Late Spring/Summer. But I tend not to wear white before May for sure and I will be done with it by October. : )

  2. Ah, I’m still learning things about my camera…two years after I got it! I know what you mean about LEARNING to wear shoes without nylons; that was a deeply ingrained rule for me to unlearn. And yeah, for carrying Grandma’s bag.

  3. Nice outfit. I love the skirt and sweater. The linen skirt is beautiful. Your photos have improved, congratulations.

  4. This outfit is really flattering on you Bliss, the fitted top and flared skirt are a combination I like to wear too.

    • I think there are quite a few things you and I would share in common…whether it is clothes styles or decorating/antiques or the kind of vacations we take. Just saying. Little things I have picked up on when reading your blog. : )

  5. Mistress Bliss, looking good again – and dressed for summer – wonderful. I think Hyacinth would agree with me. Nice photos.

  6. Lady Di

    You wear that linen well!

  7. Bliss, I love that linen skirt – you crazy rule-breaker! : > I say yes to straw bags, and yours is a classic. Have a wonderful day!

  8. I personally like the orange purse. Love how you paired it with the light blue and THAT NECKLACE! Love it! You look great!

  9. At first I was all over the white linen with the orange handbag, and then you brought out the straw. How to choose between the two?

    You look fantastic in white – your skin and pretty bouncy curly hair (jealous, jealous) stand out in a good way, and you should make a serious effort to acquire more white garments. This is a good look on you. What a perfect background for all of your handbags!

    I tried to locate my camera’s manual, and now I’ve lost my camera. At least I have my phone.

    • I can’t choose between the two–there in lies the problem of handbag addiction.

      Fanstastic in white? I don’t know about that–maybe I can pull it off when it is not close to my face because it tends to wash me out. But I do love the look of crisp white in the summer. And the bouncy curls? HA! Mais non. My hair is in a state of inexplicable distress…feels like it has been since my ill-fated cut last fall. Maybe hormones are changing the texture…I don’t know. But it has been very hard to work with and I am currently looking for a new style…again.

  10. I love the outfit–blue and orange is a fav combo. I think I NEED a vintage straw purse for summer now.
    LOL on the camera!! I was excited to find the timer thingy! now I’ll have to see if it has a drive thingy too!!

  11. I say yes indeed to straw/wicker bags. I’ve searched and searched for just the right one. I have a couple that are okay, but not exactly what I want.
    You look very lovely in this outfit. It looks very much like summer.

  12. Trixie's Tales

    Love the straw bag!

  13. Ellen

    The straw handbag is perfect. Good choice. Also congrats on the photo taking. I love the action shots.
    Look for a blog about my new purse in the next few days.

  14. Yay on straw handbags. The bug shot is awesome.

  15. You always make me giggle…people probably think i am mad ….to be giggling at my phone. You say the funniest things. I like your outfit too…so soft and feminine. The pastel hues really flatters your skin tone. I like the subtle red accents on your outfit. That red kate spade bag looks similar to the one i have. I havent get down to trying the succession mode in my camera..i am still running to and fro the tripod lika silly woman



    • I am quite happy to know I can make you laugh. I may be firing my photographer…I don’t know. I might have to try the tri-pod thing with my camera and go it on my own. I am so uncomfortable doing the pictures anyway and for some reason Master Bliss makes me even more uncomfortable. AND! There is no privacy in the back yard to do the pictures and not feel silly. I don’t know how you other ladies do it? Your pics always turn out so cute, Mongs!

  16. You little white-wearing rebel! I love the skirt on you – very pretty. The straw handbag is adorable, I could just sit hugging it for hours! That was a real JC Penney model-move with the bug!?!

  17. Love the look no matter the date. The white skirt is great and you know the saying about linen. If it wrinkles it’s OK…everyone knows you are wearing LINEN. Ha…Ha.
    I’ve had fun catching up on all your posts, from the beautiful wedding to the lovely Iris on your walk. Good luck with your new job, by the way.

  18. I don’t love reading instructions (I’m not very good at taking them either, come to think of it), so I rarely know how to use even half the features on my various gadgets; serves me right. I love the straw bag and I always heard the ‘rule’ was about white shoes (not necessarily white clothes) before Easter, I don’t remember anything about Memorial Day. Love the nude shoes. I’ve yet to wear a skirt and dressy shoes without hosiery. It’s just not a look I was ever comfortable with and since leaving work I haven’t had to worry about it. You look great – rules or no rules!

  19. Style Mentor™

    I was just getting ready to order a dress like that!! I love it so much!!! And…please tell me where you learned that move in the last photo. :-)

    • It’s amazing the moves that can be brought on by a nuisance. I am thinking of working on this particular one and bringing it to the dance floor. Move over “Electric Slide”…we now have the “Electric Bug Zapper”. OK. Not that funny. I hope you get the dress you love! Can’t go wrong with white linen for summer.

  20. Bonjour belle!
    How about them outdoor model shots!! :) Great job to the model and the photog! Beautiful outfit…love love the linen!!

    • Can we say “uncomfortable”?! Our back yard is tiny with neighbors’ homes looming on all sides despite privacy fences. I was totally self-conscious out there although I am not aware of anyone watching. And I kept sinking in the dirt with my heels. Any tips?

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