weekly photo challenge ~~ growth

On our recent trip to Chicago, I was impressed with the “growth” of grasses on a nearby rooftop–creating a summery, beachy pool area smack dab in the middle of the concrete city.  So cool.




Happy Saturday!

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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7 responses to “weekly photo challenge ~~ growth

  1. You see that so often in Germany and Austria.

  2. One of the professors at my school was telling us about these types of ‘gardens’ on roofs that provide foliage, food and natural insulation.

  3. Great choice of photos …. have always dreamed about a penthouse apartment … with large terrace – happy weekend to you too.

  4. I’d like to visit Chicago, one day! I love these roof tops

  5. kathleenlisson

    I like these, too, I see them in Paris and NYC.

  6. Good use of an otherwise wasted space ! Have a great week!

  7. Ellen

    Chicago does an amazing job of sticking green everywhere.

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