visible monday ~~ weekend capsule dressing part three

Happy Visible Monday!

Last week for Visible Monday I gave you “Part Two” of my capsule dressing for a few days away (a mini-vacation we took in July).  I didn’t want to pack a ton of stuff so I worked around one pair of shoes and one handbag.  I kept my accessories at a minimum but just enough to pull the outfits together.  As a reminder, this is what was packed:

So on the final day I wore my LBD.  I have had this dress for years.  I bought it at Talbots and loved the faux wrap style so much I bought it in red too…which you can see here.  This time the orange in my scarf was used to bring in the handbag.  The nude peeptoes were worn again after sufficiently resting my feet the day before in my Naots.  Ta da!

(dress-Talbots;  shoes-Clarks; bag-Kate Spade; scarf-Hermes; scarf ring and horn bracelet-MaiTai)

One hugely important accessory I forgot to mention was the nail polish I had on my tootsies.  I got a pedicure just a couple of days before leaving so my toes could be at their peeping best.  Or poolside best:

I know.  Cute but hard to see.  So since I don’t want you to have to go to the trouble of enlarging the photo and then trying to locate your trusty magnifier, I will just give you this:

OPI “Your web or mine” from the Spider-Man collection.  Yes, really.  They had a Spider-Man collection.  You’re welcome.

OK, now off you go to check out Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.  Enjoy the start of the week!!

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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49 responses to “visible monday ~~ weekend capsule dressing part three

  1. So cute! The LBD is always appropriate, and this one can be dressed up or down. I think that’s why the LBD is on every must-own list because it is the dress that will be worn often

    I admire people who can flaunt this color of nail polish. I can’t do it…maybe I should have a couple of glasses of wine before going to get a pedicure. Or maybe sneak a flask – yes, that’s better! This could be my 41-year old resolution: wear nail polish on my toes that my mother would disapprove. I really need to break away from traditional red and clear…

    • I don’t know…I saw some glossy, red toes from a distance today and thought, ” you can’t beat a classic”. I used to have a great OPI red color (chick flick cherry) but I don’t think they have it any more. : (

  2. An LBD is always so chic,and with a Hermes scarf, well — you are elegant, my friend. I just had my toes done too, in a similar festive shade! Thanks for linking up.

  3. ‘Stopping by from Visible Monday… Your look is GREAT! -Marci

  4. Style Mentor™

    You look so pretty. I love that scarf and the orange bag takes it to a most elegant level. Peeping toes are totally cute! Spider Man Collection? :-D

  5. I see beautiful outfit laid on the bed. I like that black dress a must to have for women. ^_^


  6. You look lovely in your LBD, perfectly accessorized.
    The leopard dress in your capsule is awesome.

  7. You are perfect in this dress and the red dress too. The bag and scarf make the outfit is very successful. Congratulations on your success in your feet. :)

  8. Hmmm, I could swear I left a message on here commenting about how much I love your nude shoes. I guess I dreamed it. ha!

  9. You can never go wrong with a LBD. I love the way you’ve accessorised it – that scarf is beautiful, and you know I love those shoes. You look fab!

  10. Great series of posts—you have the capsule dressing down to a science! :-)

  11. jeaninebyershoag

    You look great! I love the way you are wearing your scarf, too!! I forget that I can do that with mine.

  12. LBDs are the best! So versatile. I like how you paired the scarf and bag with it.

  13. Bliss … you always looks good … waiting for the striped top dress to come on. Have you lost weight ???? Your face looks so much thinner. What does – LBD – stand for. ????

  14. Love the outfit–and your pretty smile!!

  15. Ellen

    The “go-to” dress is perfect. Again, I love the orange bag pulling that same color from your scarf.
    Tootsies are outstanding!

  16. Your Chicago holiday was definitely a bit more upscale than my France-in-the-motorhome holiday. The advantage of taking the motorhome is not having to do a capsule wardrobe….but I still find packing quite a challenge as I can’t quite get my head around the difference in temperature. I never needed heels…or a sweater, but loads of shorts and feather-weight tops. At some point I quit worrying about showing my arms (but I still did a bit of ‘dress up’ when we went into a town.) Your packing with one pair of shoes was phenomenal!

  17. What a great LBD! So flattering on you. And that scarf looks super with it.

    Spidey nail polish! Don’t you love O.P.I. color names? Whomever has the responsibility of naming polishes at O.P.I. must love his or her job.
    xo, A

  18. So very pretty in your LBD!
    This just might be my favorite outfit of yours!!

    • Wow….your favorite? Interesting. You must be a simple, classics type of gal. Well, I know you are a classy gal no matter what.

      • I’ve gone a little out of my comfort zone b/c of the blog but I’ve always been drawn to simple lines in neutrals and most of all, black. No amount of blogging will change that I’m afraid. Just a simple kinda gal at heart. Have a super day Bliss!

  19. Love the pic of your toes…And you manage to look way more polished on vacation than I ever manage to.

  20. You look fabulous! I love the scarf as an accessory. It is just perfect.
    I’d love to be by a pool and relax with my toes out in front. Your’s look fab!

  21. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months and I really, really enjoy it. Great LBD with very beautiful colourful Hermès scarf. The bag adds another liverly dash of colour…and your smile just does it for me :-) I look forward to reading from you, dear Mistress of Bliss!

  22. We would love to post the third photo at toemail if you do not mind? Just need a location and we are good to go!

  23. It’s posted now. Thanks so much, we really appreciate it!

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