weekly photo challenge ~~ wrong


I have mentioned before  how disturbing it was to see so many homeless dogs while traveling around the Dominican Republic.  It is wrong on so many counts.

I realize it happens everywhere not just in the D.R.   However, the frequency of how often I saw these poor strays was truly overwhelming.

Sorry, not too cheerful of a post but what did you expect with a theme called “wrong”?  I almost posted a picture of  a welt-the-size-of-Texas I got on my upper thigh from a bug* bite/sting on my first day in the Dominican.  Now that was wrong!

See you tomorrow!

~~Mistress Bliss~~

*no, i don’t know what it was so i dubbed it the ‘damned devil bug’.


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7 responses to “weekly photo challenge ~~ wrong

  1. A warm thought … from you. Yes. it’s wrong … doesn’t matter if it’s a dog or a child.

  2. Northern Narratives

    Very sad.

  3. This kind of thing just breaks my heart, Bliss. I am a big supporter of animal sanctuaries and I hope there are people who care enough to do something about this in D.R.

  4. The “Wrong” theme is very appropriate for your photo. So sad.

  5. The reason for the stray dogs is the cultural antipathy to neuter the male dogs. They see it as deleting their manhood, and so they prefer the strays running around. It’s heartbreaking and inhumane.

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