Our recent trip to Chicago garnered me just one souvenir:


It was a planned purchase, Cupcake Caramel would be proud.  It was also the most money I have ever spent on tea.  But I am OK with this.  I “won” a sample of this tea from the lovely, Catherine.  At first sip, I was hooked.  Just one little problem….it is very difficult to find.  However, some months ago I found that Porte Rouge in Chicago did have it.  I was going to order it online but the price of the tea plus shipping was hard to justify.  So I waited.  Waited patiently for my next trip to Chicago.  A couple of days before leaving, I called Porte Rouge to see if they had some on hand.  They did.  I explained I was coming in from Michigan and wondered how it would be best to find them from our hotel.  Imagine my surprise when they offered to deliver it to my hotel–great customer service!  The transaction was handled over the phone and sure enough, it was delivered as promised.  My only (yummy) souvenir from Chicago.  Or should I say France?  It is my favorite tea ever, next to this one:


I think I would really like to try Harney and Son’s Tower of London Blend or the Diamond Jubilee one.  Has anyone tried these?

What is your favorite tea?

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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26 responses to “souvenir

  1. Any tea without caffeine (too hyper naturally). :-)

  2. Ellen

    I have nothing for ya on this one, Bliss. I buy my tea at the grocery store down the street.

  3. I love tea. I buy mine from a little store in town, and because I buy loose tea leaves I can mix 2 together and experiment with different blends each time I go there. Yes, Bliss I like to live on the edge! It raises my blood pressure a few notches, but the thrills are worth it! Ha!

  4. Good tea is always worth the splurge in my book! I haven’t tried either of those but will add them to my list to try. My favorite tea is a black tea flavored with coconut (there are even little pieces of dried coconut in the tea mix) called cha cha coconut that I get from a local tea shop. For a coconut lover like me, it’s pure heaven in a cup! (I’ve seen similar blends on Etsy, for anyone who wants to try a coconut tea :)

  5. I’m not a tea (or coffee) drinker at all. I’ve tried. I really wish I liked it because it would be a nice alternative to Diet Coke. Plus, I love teacups!
    The tea tins are beautiful–do you save and decorate with them?

    • I used to be a Diet Coke addict…couldn’t start my day without it. Now I have a diet coke about 1x a week, if that. My coffee/tea appreciation came on slowly–especially coffee. But now I much prefer them over Diet Coke. Besides coffee or tea, I drink water or Pellegrino through the day. Maybe you just haven’t found the right tea for you. : ) Et oui! I have used some of the tins for repurposing. The Paris tea tin is now on my desk holding pens/pencils/etc.

  6. Tea always comes in beautiful and pretty jars. Don’t drink tea … I had far too many Long Island Iced Teas in Boston .. once, if that counts. Wouldn’t have a clue … here.

  7. Hmm-good one–I’m constantly magpieing from one tea to another during cooler months.

  8. That is the perfect souvenir for you. How fun that they delivered it to your hotel. That must have made it seem even more luxurious.

  9. Tea, how nice! I was given a special blend from a friend in London. At Selfridges a company called “blendsforfriends” did these specials. My friend described my personality, what I liked, what kind of perfume I wore and so on to one of these “tea blenders” and what I got is a white tea with roses, bits of coconuts and much more, very, very deliciousl! So yes, I can understand that one will pay a little extra for a good cup of tea ;-)

  10. Can’t say I’m a major tea drinker and when I do it might be black, green or something herbal. I generally drink tea when I’m in Europe because I know I won’t like their coffee! Our WI did recently do business with Ringtons, a family tea company here in Newcastle. Their Victory tea is really special – even I can tell it’s special!

    • Shelley! I can’t believe you don’t drink coffee in Europe–that is where I fell in love with coffee. I drink coffee way more than tea but tea has become my afternoon ritual. Thank you for the tip about Newcastle. : )

  11. Customer service is something that is so appreciated.

  12. I LOVE Marriage Freres… it’s such a beautiful little store in the Marais and yes a little challenging to find in the states. They are very strict about who they allow to sell their tea. I looked into it when I had my store and you have to do a whole bio and photos. I think it’s good though.
    I love their rose tea and the vanilla… both black teas :-)

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