weekly photo challenge ~~ merge


I had a really good idea for this challenge but I must save it for a future post.  This photo was taken last September when Summer was “merging” into Fall.  Can’t believe we are almost at that door again.  Plus, I like how the bridge, in effect, is merging two roads together.

Enjoy your weekend!!

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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12 responses to “weekly photo challenge ~~ merge

  1. Have you taken that photo … wonderful .. the mist embrace that bridge .. beautiful. Have a fantastic weekend you too.

  2. A beautiful picture. It looks like its merging black and white with color too.

  3. Northern Narratives

    I also like the bridge and the mist. Nice photo.

  4. Its beautiful and I agree with the post by A Well Styled Life…it does look like color is margin with black and white!

  5. Gorgeous photo, Bliss. I love the lush ferns and the beautiful misty background is wonderful. You know that special scent in the air that you get in misty weather? Just looking at this photo is tickling my nose.

  6. Perfect photo for the challenge…nicely done.

  7. wonderful photo, I love the merging of summer into fall. Very mysterious photo.

  8. Ellen

    Looks like you completed your homework assignment. Nicely done.

  9. Di

    this is such a nice outfit with the green sweater. I don’t think I even own a lightweight cardigan. Need to add one to my closet I think.


  10. This photo seems so ‘American’ to me. I’d like to see one of these bridges one day.

  11. Gorgeous photo. I love the misty look of the bridge. So lovely.

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