visible monday ~~ visibly inspired

We are inspired by things we see.  I am always inspired by anything that occurs in nature–sunsets, the beach, flowers, the curious habits of little beasts (including Rockefeller), the Seasons, etc.  And once in awhile I get inspired by an outfit on someone…often pondering, why didn’t I think of that?  This happened to me the other day.  While perusing my cousin’s pins on Pinterest (my presence on Pinterest does not happen often…but I think I am on the verge of change), I saw this outfit:

Oh!  I like it!!  And it prompted me to think about a pendant I own:

I bought this on my memorable trip to Maine...the trip that brought me face to face with the lighthouse of my dreams.

The two inspirations helped me put this together:

(it looks like my eyes are closed but I was looking down below)

Master Bliss and I spent the evening visiting a local artists’ colony/commune/gallery in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  It was their 30th Anniversary and they celebrated with an open house.  It was very interesting walking through this cavernous building that is now housing so much talent.  And of course, I am always inspired by architecture and light too, so I snapped a few of my own photos.

And bought one tiny trinket:

(roman coin set in metal)

What inspires you?

Don’t forget!  I am linking with Patti for Visible Monday.

Have a great Monday.

~~Mistress Bliss~~

PS  Later this week I will have a special announcement…stay tuned.


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42 responses to “visible monday ~~ visibly inspired

  1. You have a good eye for interesting light in photography. I had to laugh at your inspiration photograph–I have been searching high and low (in the thrifts, of course) for a cardigan in that very color of green.

  2. Ellen

    I love what you did with what you admired. The look suits you perfectly.
    A special announcement??? No fair. Teasing is no fair.

  3. What wonderful photographs! Thank you! I seriously need a green cardigan now! -Marci

  4. The lighthouse is so beautiful, as is your pendant, Bliss. I find inspiration mainly from blogs these days, and from real-life, interesting women! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful photos with Visible Monday.

  5. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog today. I truly appreciate it.
    Love the way you were inspired to put together this fresh outfit. I’m a lighthouse lover too and live not too far from one here in Seattle.
    Your photography is very interesting in this post. Must have been a fun night. Have a great week!

    • I have loved lighthouses as long as I can remember. And living in MI gives us many opportunities to see them up close and personal. My dream is to stay in one for a couple of nights. Some day, some day.

  6. The landscape is beautiful lighthouse in Maine, I like these sites. The trinket is beautiful. My city has many Roman ruins and we value these things. Your outfit is very nice and balanced, it would suit you very much, also, with the skirt of the model.

    • I love antiquated items like coins, geodes, beach/sea glass, polished stones and Roman glass (which will be my next pendant purchase). There is so much beauty in items like these. I have worn the sweater with a longer navy skirt and i liked it together. I will have to think about getting a pencil skirt in the future.

  7. Great outfit .. love that green. For a minute I thought it was you in high heels on the frist photo. *smile – like you photos very much .. especially the 3rd last .. looks like a parking house … love the colors in that. Very artistic. Have a great week.

  8. I love that green – it matches the colour of the trees outside my bedroom window just now. I’m often inspired by the colours at the beach: beige, taupe, and a million shades of blue and grey. When we visit Australia the peculiar shades of green there really grab me. I found myself staring at a lovely pink rose in my garden – the roses are new additions and I so want them to succeed. So I guess nature is a short answer. But blogs, book, art galleries and architecture really make my mind fizz with ideas as well. I think the main thing is to pay attention to what one sees instead of being pre-occupied with stuff. I love your outfit and your jewelery pieces.

    • I love the same colors you mentioned too…I am very inspired by the beach. Our family room has that theme running through it…very relaxed.

      Speaking of architecture, I just got a book out from the library that is all about Chicago’s famed buildings, when built, why, style, etc. I love it!

  9. I love this post, the pictures and your outfit! Stripes and green are perfect together

  10. I love the stripes and the green, very fresh. I wish I had your amazing bone structure,you always look so pretty. Very atmospheric photos,especially no.3. You’re so lucky, you always find interesting places to go – you know I live on a desert island culturally. Can’t wait to hear what you’re up to, you little tease!

    • We travel around 30 minutes (minimally) to find culture in these here parts. Which isn’t bad because we do have it on all sides of us–any direction. It was Master Bliss’ suggestion to check this event out and I was surprised by it. Thank you for the kind comments.

  11. The Roman pendant is unique–I love it! Fun pictures and outfit, as well.
    I do hate waiting for surprises though. :-) Will be watching my email box.

  12. I like your take on the inspiration outfit better then the original!!!
    You take such lovely pictures!!
    hmmm announcement??????

    • Thanks, Ms Menopausal Supermodel. Those white pants of mine are on their last season…they drive me nuts with how they fit–or rather don’t. I think a cute, pencil skirt with this outfit would be fun with it too.

  13. I saw that very same “pin” but I like your cardigan better. It’s a flattering shape on you.
    The Roman Coin necklace is fantastic! Jewelry always makes such great souvenirs.
    I am inspired by the beauty I see in confident women. I love to play with my wardrobe and create new ways to pair items and accessories almost every time I wear them. You’re lucky to have someone to take your beautiful photo’s!! My husband is camera “challenged” at best.

    • Aww, thanks. I like wearing the cascade cardigans because of their drape. I don’t feel all boxed in like I do when I wear a blazer. Master Bliss is coming along with his picture taking. After he took the one of me in front of the brick wall, he smugly said, “Cool. It looks like an album cover.” OK. Whatever. ; )

  14. You really know how to put things together, Bliss! I like the idea of the green sweater in contrast with the other things you wore. Congrats on that new pretty coin pendant!
    Another thing we have in common – I love lighthouses, too!

  15. How cute you are for being inspired like this? I gotta say though, what inspired me about this post was the very shiny wooden floor. So old but so shiny at the same time. I couldn’t stop staring at it. I am thinking of an outfit right now… You are such a cutie pie. I mean it. xo

    • That floor was amazingly shiny. The one picture of the sunset colors through the window and how it was being mirrored on the floor…I couldn’t believe it. It was a great old building.

      If I had your wardrobe I would be thinking of outfits all. the. time. How do you live day to day with so much sartorial pressure? ; )

  16. Your pendant from Maine is beautiful! That’s what I would call a perfect souvenir… :)

  17. Nice photos Bliss!
    Love the color of you cardi…looks great with the striped shirt!

  18. Love your new necklace and your outfit is adorable!!!

  19. Beautiful photos! I admire anyone who can take pictures that draw the viewer into the scene as yours do.
    I have been so enamoured with that color of green this year. I love it with navy blue and white. The sweater is beautiful and lucky you for getting it on sale.

  20. LOVE the tiny trinket that you picked up! GORG!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  21. That shade of green looks so perfect on you!

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