season for change


Four score and five years ago…

Once upon a time there was…

Did I ever tell you about the time…


Hmmm?   How does one just launch into the announcement that she is closing up her blog?

Say…that wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.   Yes, yes.  It is true.  Stepping My Way to Bliss will be closing at the end of August.  There are many, many reasons for it but here are just a couple:

1.  If you have ever read my About page, you know how and why this all got started.  Some of those reasons now seem invalid.  For example, Bliss House doesn’t seem new to me anymore.  It fits and feels like an old, comfortable shoe.  It is my home  not just my new house.  Maybe we will be here for another 10, 20 years, maybe not.  In any case, I don’t feel like I am “arriving” any longer.

2.  The “Stepping” part of my blog title has come full circle.  Once Belle Fille got married in May, I felt like there was closure to being a step-parent.  I mean, yes, of course I am still (and always will be) a Belle Mere. But when Belle Fille said “I do”, she also became her own woman.  She now belongs with another.  Our parental responsibilities have shifted from active participants to casual by-standers.

3.  Now that I am working more, my time is more valuable.  Valuable enough that I am not sure I want to spend as much of it in front of my computer.  There are many other things I want to have time for so I am always seeking balance.

With those reasons (and others), I almost decided to quit blogging altogether.  When chere Fiona ended her blog last March, my sadness was mingled with jealousy.  I started asking myself why I continued to blog.  There really isn’t a theme (or point?) to my blog.  I am not a “Fashion Blogger” or a “Minimalist Blogger” or a “Foodie Blogger Extraordinaire”.  I am just kind of an “all over the place blogger” which was making posting more and more challenging.  I don’t know why I feel I must pigeon-hole myself but I guess I want to.  When a theme is involved, it keeps me centered and focused. I decided that if I was going to continue blogging, I was going to have to simplify my methods.

I began thinking about what makes me tick.  What  things /topics do I really love?  Of course there are many.  But I kept coming around to three basic things (um, these would be the things on the shallow end of my deep thinking pool–just clarifying): I love all things vintage; I love all things French; and I love all things chic.  Sound familiar?  VintageFrenchChic is the name of my Etsy store…definitely a pattern.  So I decided, if I was to continue blogging, I needed to streamline a bit.  Voila! A new blog…Vintage French Chic.

Some of you have already found my new blog.  Others have noticed my username change.  This will be a new format for me to continue writing (if you can call it that), experimenting, and sharing with the masses  the few who do read my blog.  I have designed the blog with simplicity in mind.  I will only have three categories to post in (Vintage, French, Chic) so hopefully this will keep me centered…and creative.  Another big change…I will no longer be Mistress Bliss.  Well, OK, I will be if you want me to be but my anonymous days are over–to a degree.  The new blog will definitely be a little more personal in feel and content.

So I will see out the end of August on Stepping My Way to Bliss with a couple more posts, including one last Visible Monday and the photo challenge.  If you would like to take a peek over at Vintage French Chic, I would love to have you for a visit.

Thank you for reading Stepping My Way to Bliss.   It has been a very enjoyable way to fly.  I am amazed by all the great people I have “met” through this journey.

Au revoir.

~~Mistress Bliss~~

UPDATE:  Changed my mind…this is the last post for Stepping My Way to Bliss.  Makes sense, don’t you think?


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18 responses to “season for change

  1. We will most certainly miss you here, but I’ll be happy to follow your new writing venture, too :)

  2. “Our parental responsibilities have shifted from active participants to casual by-standers.” tears, tears over here…

  3. As a fairly new follower let me just say I really enjoyed what you wrote here. Looking forward to your new Vintage French Chic beginning!

  4. I just visited your new blog and LOVE it. :-)

  5. Wait!!! Oh…OK. You’re not disappearing altogether, just maybe changing focus and backing off a bit. That’s alright then. I hope you’ll leave this blog up as I’ve barely begun to comb the archives and I admit to using other people’s blog lists for new ideas rather than adding to mine which is already impossibly long. Hope you’ll still have time to visit now and again. Thanks for all the beauty you’ve shared on this blog.

  6. Good bye Mistress Bliss! ;(
    Hello Vintage French Chic! :D

  7. I understand your decision, you may spend too much time on the screen and little to live. It’s a shame to lose your blog, but I’m sure the new well will be happy. You’re not a fashion blogger, but you’re a very elegant woman with a wonderful taste. Have a beautiful house and a beautiful garden, I love it. See you in the French chic …

  8. Ellen

    I started the “sweaty arm pit thing” when I read you were closing the door to your blog. I’m dried off now and will move immediately to your new blog.

  9. I’ll be moving over to your new blog too then! I feel a bit like I know you although we’ve never met and want to continue the connection.

  10. I am very excited for you not only for closing this chapter of your life but for beginning a new one. I look forward to following you on your new blog.
    Big hugs….

  11. Bookmarking the new blog–LOVE it!!

  12. I’ve just been over to your new blog, and it looks very chic. So sad you’ve stopped this one, because I love it here and you really make me laugh. But I’m looking forward to your new start! Just grateful that you aren’t stopping! x

  13. Oh my Bliss, my heart skipped a beat then when I thought you were leaving us. So glad to hear that you are streamlining and staying with us. I’m headed straight over to your new blog right now.

  14. That porch I want .. and all the lovely flowers around it – also the top you had on the beach with friends. So I see you over in the french and chic bit now. Thanks for this … Bliss – it has been an absolutely pleasure.

  15. At first I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO Bliss!!! then….. Phew! I will definitely follow your new blog, you always leave such great comments on mine and I really enjoy your postings (those JCPenney ads were a riot!)

    I too miss Fiona from How to be Chic, I only found her blog a few months before she stopped writing!

  16. I’m so excited for your new blog, dear Bliss! I also need to check out that Etsy store…

  17. Oh, my – I was like “oh, no!” when I read your intro. But I agree, there is a time for everything. And as much as I hate to see you go as “Mitress Bliss”, I am happy to go on reading your future blog, wihch I am already following. So it’s only bye for now :-) Have a good weekend :-)

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