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popcorn euphoria

We all know that there is precious little good news to share in this world.  So it is with great joy and satisfaction that I can share with you the following.  This little article was in “The Week”, April 13, 2012 issue:

“The Health Benefits of Popcorn”

“Popcorn offers more than crunch and empty calories.  A new study shows that the snack food is more nutritious than fruits and vegetables in some respects-provided you don’t slather it with butter and salt.  Researchers at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania ran test on several different popcorn brands and found  that the hulls-the tough fragments that can get stuck in your teeth-contained surprisingly high levels of antioxidants called polyphenols, which have been found to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.  A serving of popcorn provides more than twice the polyphenols as a similar serving of most fruits and vegetables, and because it contains little water, popcorn’s nutritional benefits are more highly concentrated.  As a whole grain, popcorn also boasts higher concentrations of fiber than cereals or breads do.  ‘Popcorn may the be the perfect snack food’ study author Joe Vinson tells ScienceDaily.com, and the hull fragments in particular are ‘nutritional gold nuggets.’  When air-popped, the snack contains far fewer calories than snacks like chips or trail mix.  Popcorn does, however, lack the important vitamins and minerals that are packed into foods like broccoli and bananas.”

You do realize what this means in Master Bliss’ and my world, right?  It means that our almost nightly indulgence of this:

(i just need to add a multi-vitamin and i am all set)

is not only making us insanely happy (we are simple people, what can I say?) but we have been inadvertently stuffing ourselves full of antioxidants in the process.  However, this does not explain why I was sick with a bad cold all this past week but nonetheless it is great news to know that we are noshing on such beneficial goodness.  Guilt free eating–I love it.  Now I must find conclusive and supportive evidence that proves Dirty Bastard beer promotes weight loss (I know it doesn’t…and it has been eliminated from the nightly routine for some time now.  Oh the sadness).

Will knowing this about popcorn persuade you to eat it more…and often?


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