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visible monday ~~ white before memorial day

Greetings, blog-reading earthlings!

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.  Our weather is gorgeous–making this weekend feel like a true kick-off for summer.  Yay!!

On Sunday I decided to wear white, quite rebelliously, before Memorial Day.  I know. I know.  The white “not before Memorial Day or after Labor Day” rule no longer applies but it is funny how ingrained certain “rules” can be.  I think living in a Northern climate made that rule more applicable for some reason.  I paired my linen white skirt with a light blue argyle sweater with some pops of orange.  For the record, I was freshly pressed (but NEVER by WordPress, oh no, everybody else gets pressed, mais pas moi, blogging almost 2 years and nothing–sorry. Rant.) before leaving earlier in the morning–alas, linen.

This photo session was taken outside.  I was really excited to learn more about my camera.  For example, the above picture was taken by moi (Master Bliss did most of the rest) because I finally figured out how to use my timer.  Then I found the “drive” mode which allows pictures in quick succession.  Do you know how many times through the years this would’ve been convenient?  Nevermind.  Perhaps it is time to read the manual?

(sweater, tank, skirt: Talbots; shoes: Clarks; handbag: Kate Spade; watch: Seiko via Ebay; pearls: from Grandma; brooch: vintage via Etsy)

You will be proud of me.  I wore my shoe sans nylons.  I am finally boldly going where every other woman has already ventured before me. : )  Bonjour toes!

Last year I read the book, “Parisian Chic” by Ines de la Fressange.  Since she is French, I took many (not all) of her suggestions under careful advisement.  As a result, I bought a (vintage) straw handbag (page 47) on Ebay to use for summer–of course forgetting I already had one that was my Grandmother’s.  I resold the one from Ebay on Etsy and have decided to use Grandma’s instead (not sure for how long as the straps are weak).  I pictured it here to see how it looks with a summery outfit.

The quick succession mode could capture everything…even rogue bug attacks:

Don’t forget to visit “Not Dead Yet Style”.  Have a fun Monday!

Yay or nay on straw handbags?  Which fashion rule(s) do you love to defy?

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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cherry blossom euphoria


I love Cherry Blossoms and have always wanted to go the the Washington DC Festival (the only time I have been in DC it was close to Festival time so I did get to see some blooms–so lovely). This wonderful post contains many gorgeous photos you will enjoy looking through. Second best thing to being there! ~~Mistress Bliss~~

Originally posted on Life of Melissa Ann Marie:

I am not a big city girl. I grew up in a small town that had one stop light, my graduating class was roughly 76 people if my memory serves me right, and our little festivals involved “cow plops”  and were considered big time fun. Joining the Army allowed me to move around and live in bigger cities, which is something I always thought I wanted. But now that I have, I realized that I really miss the small towns (not mine), but in general. As much as I grumble that traffic along Highway 95 is worse than forking myself in the face, living here does have its advantages. One of those such things is the Cherry Blossom Festival that DC hosts annually.

In 1912, Mayor Ozaki of Tokyo gave Washington, DC the gift of 3,000 cherry blossom trees. The annual celebration is to honor the friendship between the two…

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