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visible monday~~experimenting with scarf

Bonjour!  Happy Monday to all.  We had the most glorious, wonderful weekend ever.  The wedding was fabulous…an absolutely beautiful day in every possible way (except the rain).  But more on that later.  Today is Visible Monday and this post will show a few different ways I have enjoyed wearing my new anniversary present.

I did major errand running, last-minute projects day last week.  This is how I chose to wear my scarf for my day of chaos:

Master Bliss took this photo as I am getting sick of taking them in the bathroom.  But after I saw this picture, I skeedattled up to the bathroom anyway to refashion my scarf to this:

I liked it better tied this way to show off the colors more, and frankly, it is a look I don’t wear often.  Such a pretty scarf!  And what can make it more versatile than MaiTai’s scarf ring...seriously.

Then on Friday last week I decided to wear the scarf as a belt to the Rehearsal/Rehearsal Dinner.

I have the hardest time pulling off the casual, cool look of linen…I really do.

Rehearsal Dinner was a boat cruise on Lake Michigan and the evening was perfect…weather just warm enough with  sunlight dancing on the water.  It was a great way for many, many visiting family to see the beauty of Lake Michigan.

Absolutely LOVE Lake Michigan and Big Red.

Don’t forget to visit Not Dead Yet Style to see other great outfits.

Have a great Monday and go tie one on for me–a scarf that is.

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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backyard excursions ~~ a warm sunny beach day…in march?

It was 75 degrees on Wednesday, March 14th.  Here is the first week of April last year:

Master Bliss and I were both in mild funks that morning.  I don’t know what my problem was but he knew what his was.  I told him I needed to get out and enjoy the warm weather so I was going to piggy back some errand running with going to the lake shore.  I asked him if he wanted to come but he declined saying that he had too much work to do on the computer and returning phone calls (he’s been involved in a huge project over the past few weeks…it is finally winding down so they are tying up loose ends).  I was bummed but I started getting ready to go.  In the shower, where I tend to do my best thinking, I came up with a plan he couldn’t refuse.  I suggested he come with me, I could drop him at a coffee-house where he could work (a la Cupcake style–uh, didn’t tell him that) using my laptop and his cell phone while I flitted about looking for my almost impossible to find items.  When I was done, we could take a walk along the beach and pier.  This time he didn’t hesitate to accept this brilliant invitation.  Off to South Haven we went.

I love South Haven.  It holds many precious memories for our family because we used to camp there every summer while Belle Fille was growing up.  Sunny days spent at the beach, rainy days spent shopping or going to a movie, sunsets and campfires–great stuff! My goal on this day was to visit an antique mall and used bookstore because I am in search of four books for a special purpose.  Sadly many of the stores I wanted to visit were closed, either due to it being too early for “the season”–lots of signs read, “see ya’ in April”– or they were just closed on Wednesdays…grrr…including the used bookstore I wanted to hit.  However, the antique mall was open and I did find a couple of books there that I may be able to use for a project.  After I spent a good long while in the antique mall, I then walked around the quaint little town, snapping pictures while I sighed over many locked doors.  It was interesting to be there when it wasn’t in the heart of tourist season.  It was very quiet but still beautiful.

This is where I shopped:

I found a couple of wall murals that I thought were pretty.  They were especially on the brain because earlier in the day I had read this post by Northern Narratives.  I think all towns should boast great wall art:

After I met up with Master Bliss at the coffee-house and got rested up (meaning I had to peel off some of my layers because I got so hot walking outside), we went on over to the beach.  South Haven is a pretty cool beach town.  One can walk from downtown directly to the beach (South Beach), a parallel walk with the channel, or you can cross the river and go to North Beach.   We decided to walk North Beach.  Look how pretty it was:

I laugh so hard when Rockefeller runs, full throttle…this picture doesn’t do the action justice.

Such a great day!  And to be out in the warm sunshine–to be at the beach in March!–was just glorious.  The warm weather is holding–today was in the 80s.  Trees are budding and flowers are blooming.  While it is all lovely, it is still so not right.  I have this great foreboding that we will be paying for this incredible tease.

Are you having an early Spring too?  Are you happy about it or would you rather have the seasons stay on course?

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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winter beach walk (a backyard excursion)

Well, I finally did it.  I finally seized the moment and took my winter beach walk at sunset.  I have wanted to do this for weeks now but we haven’t had the snow to really make it worth.  Granted, the beach can be beautiful in any type of weather but I just wanted to be there during some snow.  Especially at sunset.  So, this past Sunday, Master Bliss was gone and Rockefeller and I needed to entertain ourselves.  The sun was out and there was the distinct promise of a glorious sunset.

The route to the beach meandered through the county forest:

I felt like I was in a fairy land:

Once I parked the car, I realized that Rockefeller had caught my enthusiasm.  I could barely keep up with him as he started plowing recklessly forward and down the snow and ice-covered steps to the beach.  Falling was not part of my plan…especially being somewhere there was a good chance I wouldn’t be found for a while should I be knocked unconscious.  Once we hit the bottom step behold the beauty that greeted us:

Just gorgeous and our timing, perfect.  Rockefeller was crazed.  Silly me to think we were going to walk the beach.  No.  We ran the beach.  First up one way and then back down the other.

  It was freezing but it felt good.  It might have felt better if I had thought to wear a hat (wind chill coming off the freezing water is not a good thing).  And of course I was trying to stop and take pictures of the progressing sunset:

This was very hard to do with a lunatic dog and biting wind.  I had pain shooting up my left hand and arm because they got so cold while trying to take pictures.   But I persevered and was determined to see the entire sunset.  Even Rockefeller paused for a moment:

A little bit lower:

Poof!  She’s gone:

The weather is still being fickle.  Yesterday it warmed up enough to melt off much of the snow we got over the weekend.  Now tonight, we are under another winter advisory.  I would really like for us to have a lasting snow/cold spell because I want to get pictures of frozen waves–I don’t think that is going to happen this year.

Driving home, I stole one last shot:

I love winter’s soft, pastel palette.  The above picture reminds me of some of Monet’s winter paintings.

Winter Sun, Lavacourt - Oscar-Claude Monet

(via internet)


What is your favorite wintertime walk?

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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