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visible monday ~~ pink and grey

Am I over doing the pink a bit?   Next week I promise some blah.  This time I decided to look “smart” by wearing some argyle.  Argyle always makes me think of the 80s…very preppy, collegiate looking.  I found this sweater in a thrift store over the winter.  I knew the grey would match a couple of skirts I had and the plum in it also matched a shirt.  Plus I knew it would look cute with jeans and layered over white.

(sweater: Old Navy~top: Kikapaprika~skirt: Talbots)

(vintage Coach Ergo handbag–love!)

(the silver beads were inspired by the tiffany beads i once saw a friend wearing.  i found these at overstock.com years ago.  i wear them often.  the diamond studs are worn with my fave “jackets”)

 (shoes: Clarks…have had them for years.  get compliments all the time)

Fun little outfit.  Now, dear reader, you must go check out all the other fun outfits at Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style blog for Visible Monday!

And I leave with you with:

The JCPenney Model Reads Series (or “how wearing collegiate attire makes one smarter”):


Photo 1:  Our model is initially shocked to find words in the what she thought was a picture book.

Photo 2:  She struggles a bit with the prose.

Photo 3:  Suddenly starts to realize how words can add so much more meaning to a story.

Photo 4:  Elation and “model smugness” over how brilliant she really is.

(OK, now imagine me laughing at myself hysterically between shots because it is SO silly that I even do this).

Happy Monday!

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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