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fall “look book” circa 1957


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Isn’t she lovely? (and looks a lot like Sela Ward)    A couple of weeks ago I was searching for something else (no idea what) in an antique store and as I was breezing through the store, she caught my eye.  How glamorous!  What a fantastic outfit.  If I could dress like that every day, I believe I would.  She was gracing the cover of a catalog.  She needed to come home with me…and of course she did.

I have read a lot of excitement with other bloggers about it being September.  A new season, change in the air.  “Vogue” came out with their infamous September issue so we can all be tantalized by the new fashions (we can’t afford).  Some of us have new goals set for our wardrobes–minimizing, accessorizing more, adding key core pieces–all of which create a buzz of energy and frenetic happiness (well, at least it does for me).  I’ve decided to shop for my ” fantasy wardrobe” from this catalog.  So on Fridays, through the month of September, I will be sharing some of my favorite finds in this “look book”.

First of all, let it be duly noted, that women’s sizing has changed drastically.  Sizing starts with 10 and goes through 22.  I can only guess that a 10 of 1957 would be a 4 or 6 today?  I wonder why they have changed the sizing since then?  If we were all wearing double digits, don’t you think there would be more peaceful relations between women?  I think it would bring about greater camaraderie– stronger sisterhood!  “Would you look at that rail thin model?  Can you believe she is a size 10?”  Seriously, doesn’t that sound better than 4?  I think I could totally support the anorexic look if I knew it started with size 10 (and for the serious readers without a sense of humor, NO I don’t support anorexia at any size).

It’s no secret that I love accessories and this little grouping really tickled my accessory funny bone:

love that cognac brown with the turquoise blue scarf!

Although not cognac, look what arrived today for Mistress Bliss:

Darling Vintage Oxblood Leather Boxy Satchel Handbag

(picture credit)

Are you noticing the similar lines and style?  Will I carry this regularly?  Yep.

As great as the arrival of September is, it does bring the distant thought of colder weather coming just around the corner.  So of course we must think of warm outer wear.  Could you see yourself in any of these?




I don’t know about you but I am in love with dark plum (or eggplant), burgundy, grey and brown for this coming season(s).  The coats above are stunning–I heart them tremendously.

Another cool weather favorite is a sweater.  September/October are perfect for lighter weight ones for easier layering.  Check these out:


I adore the middle pink one.  And I love how most of them look to be 3/4 length sleeves–that’s my favorite for cool weather.  Brilliant!

As I mentioned, I would love to add more grey to my wardrobe:


“Glamour begins with grey”–I can work with that.  The dark charcoal grey suit with the red accessories would be just the ticket for my style/body shape.   The next dress caught my eye because of its green jewel tone–it would be very striking…a great fall frock.


(there’s that gorgeous “Sela” gal again on the left)

So there is your first “sneak peek” at my “look book”.  At the end of the month I will reveal which catalog these glorious finds are from.  In the mean time, I would like you to shop along with me.  If there is something in your real life that you are hoping to buy this fall, share with me what it is and I will try to find it’s 1957 equivalent in this catalog.  I will also tell you how much it would cost you.   And it doesn’t have to be just clothes–even household items, jewelry, make-up.  Just leave what you would like to find in your comments and I will take it from there.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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