weekly photo challenge ~~ regret


I suppose we all have “regret“of varying degrees.  But you know, when asked to think about it and then present a photo capturing regret, I found that I don’t have too much regret in my life–and I certainly don’t think to photograph it when I do…evidently.  I can think of times of disappointment but not true regret.  I feel it is important to live with the consequences of decisions–the good and bad–learn from them and keep moving forward.  So I am offering a light-hearted look at regret:

I truly regret not buying this fruit and trying it when we were in the Dominican Republic.  Not only that, I didn’t even think to ask what it is.  But I took a picture of it so it can torment me every time I look back on my photos of our trip.

Can anyone tell me what it is?  How it tastes?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a happy Monday!

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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16 responses to “weekly photo challenge ~~ regret

  1. It’s a good regret, and I agree with you we don’t usually take our camera out and photograph a regret, they are kept in our memories.

  2. :) It’s a red dragon fruit. Tastes a bit like kiwi! It looks sooo much more cooler than its taste.


  3. Just heading over to tell you it’s a dragon fruit, but Zakia beat me. They’re very sweet…

  4. I had to check the comments to see if anyone knew, because I didn’t. Now I know, too! And, if I ever see it in a market here or during a travel, I’ll be sure to try it. :)

  5. I asked Mr SK, ( he who knows everything!) he says it’s a Dragon fruit, and it’s like a cross between a kiwi and a pear! Delicious apparently. It’s extremely glamorous looking isn’t it?

  6. Hi,
    A very interesting looking fruit, I also have never seen it before, but having a name like dragon fruit, it makes you wonder, you decision not to try it may have been the right one. :D

  7. I, too, make it a firm policy to have no regrets – except when it comes to silly things like not buying a pair of shoes that were in sale (I’ve never seen them again). My mother lived a life of regret, and will share with you her regrets. Such a waste of time and energy! We should revisit mistakes we’ve made so we don’t make them again, but we shouldn’t dwell on missed opportunities.

    • Too bad about your mom…that is a lot of wasted time and energy. Some people are just more wired that way, I guess. If I find myself thinking about a big missed opportunity or questioning a decision, then I ask myself “would I be here, where I am now, if I had chosen __________ or done ________?” And I kind of like who and where I am so why mourn it? ~~Bliss

  8. Those fruits looks delicious. I see them at the groceries but they are not familiar to me….my regret is that I haven’t tried this fruit at all…I’ll check them out soon. Thanks…Happy Valentine’s Day….wishing you all the love and happiness my friend.

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