I would like to make an introduction. Please meet my friend, Lisa, through this post I have reblogged. She is a new voice in the world of blogging and one that should be heard.

Lisa and I go back to Middle School where we became best friends in 8th grade. We had a blast together, having many of the same classes and shared experiences. Graduation took us in different directions but she always stayed in my heart. Many years after High School we reconnected and have enjoyed our friendship anew–through marriages, children, living abroad (her—my life is the less exciting one), traveling, etc. but we have done so almost entirely through letters and emails. We have had the rare privilege of visiting in person but only every few years or so. But it doesn’t seem to matter…the time and space…because we continue to share a special bond.

A few years ago, when she was still living in Bermuda, Facebook became the new way of “keeping in touch”. She took to it like a duck to water…me, not so much. I trepidatiously went the blogging route instead. Well, now, she has too…although she is still proudly a FB junkie. : )

The subject of her blog will resonate with many women who are in their child-bearing years because Lisa is choosing to write–to share–her experiences with infertility. She has been blessed with one child and is in the process of trying to conceive again. Given the example of her writing above, I believe she is going to be an honest and poignant voice about her experiences…and yet, through it all, you will not miss her humor, wit and passion for life.
Welcome to blogging, my friend. Enjoy the ride.

~~Mistress Bliss~~

PS   If you don’t think we have a connection, then how do you explain we just posted to our respective blogs at the exact same time?  Hmmm???  Tell me.

Originally posted on Black Panty Salvation:

I have a spreadsheet of baby names carefully collected and culled through over many years.  Kaher is on my list and this is why:

Several years ago I was on flight bound for San Francisco and my seat partner was a young boy, maybe 10 or 11 years old.  While rarely looking up from his Nintendo DS (or some gadget, insert curmudgeonly shoulder shrug here), he requested of me the following information:

What is your name?

Lisa.  What is yours?

Kaher.  Do you drink beer?

Yes, sometimes.

I will not drink beer.  Drinking beer is bad.

Yes, sometimes.

Do you have a husband?

I have a boyfriend.

You should get married.  I will get married.

How do you know?

Because you’re supposed to get married and have children. *rolls eyes*

He peppers his quiz with pointers on the game he’s playing, something about driving really fast and collecting more and more…

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8 responses to “introductions

  1. Thanks for the introduction–I enjoyed reading her blog. What a way with words!

  2. Hi,
    A very enjoyable read. :D

  3. Northern Narratives

    I will stop by her blog and say hello :) Judy

  4. what a funny story of the little boy! such maturity beyond his age…but not sure if it’s a good thing though..haha…thanks for introducing your friend to us, what a joy to have a friend that you can grow up with. I can see some similarities between the two of you…the same kind of humour..and she is so brave to share her experiences.


  5. She writes beautifully; I know she’s going to do very well in blogland.

  6. Ellen

    I like the way your friend writes. I still have friends from junior high. A few have died, including my very best friend. Hang onto the friends from junior high – they are a precious commodity.

  7. I am humbled. Thank you so much Miss Bliss for the introduction and in such thoughtful words. And thank you all too for reading and your generous comments, I really appreciate the feedback. Bliss, you are gold to me.

  8. Thank you, ladies, for visiting Lisa’s blog and leaving such gracious comments.

    Lisa, you are more than welcome, my friend.


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