visible monday ~~ bridal showers

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a restful weekend.  You will hear more about mine on a later post.

Last week I titled my Visible Monday post as “April Showers“.  This week I share an outfit I wore for another type of shower…my Belle Fille’s  bridal shower.  I was still sick with a bad cold and cough when the day of the shower arrived.  I really just wanted to stay home–my energy levels were zero.  But seriously, this was not an option…obviously.  This was to be Belle Fille’s personal shower–I wouldn’t miss it for the world.  However, finding something to wear was very challenging.  Jeans were out of the question but I didn’t want to be too dressy.  I opted for this:

(jacket, skirt–j.jill; handbag–coach; scarf–no brand/vintage)

I was comfortable and the shot of turquoise livened me up a bit.

Do you own a metallic leather (or pleather) handbag?  I recommend it…they are great neutrals and go with anything.

And my granny shoes worked too.

I wore my “pave” bow ring on my right hand.  I typically never wear rings on my right hand.  I went through a period where I kept buying the “perfect” right hand ring only to never wear it.  I’ve given up.  Once in a blue moon I’ll pull one out for a special occasion.  I am the same way about bracelets.  And yes, my skin is that dry.  Time for a mani.

The shower was beautiful and intimate with only about a dozen close friends.  She got many elegant, tasteful lingerie items.  In my card, after I said the gushy stuff, I told her to look around the room and note that  these women who are showering her with so many gorgeous gifts, all share the same secret…they all know the fluff and lace doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, he just wants you naked. I know she truly values my insight no matter how embarrassing it may be for her.  It’s my job.

The JCPenney Model has recovered from her fall…we think.  She’s a bit unpredictable.  When asked to capture a “mother of the bride” pose, she stomped her foot and declared she was too young to pose for that.  Once reminded that she is under contract and many other JCPenney models would love to be working right now, we got:

Nice. We weren’t overjoyed with this shot or her interpretation of the “mother-of-the-bride”, so we asked that she try it again.  Much to our dismay:

We decided it wise to give it a rest and encouraged her to get some rest.  Perhaps it was a little too soon  for her to work since the “accident”.

Now it time for you to go check out the other ladies at Not Dead Yet Style.  Have a great Monday!

What is your “go to” outfit when you aren’t feeling well but are forced to be somewhere?

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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15 responses to “visible monday ~~ bridal showers

  1. You look great, considering you dragged yourself from your sick bed! Loving the bag and shoes, spot on about metallics – they go with most things. I’d kill for your hair. The wedding will be here before you know it. I think JC Penney Model was a bit disrespectful, (Ha!) of course she’s too young to be MOTB, but, I think she could have managed a few fake tears at least. Next time, give her a sharp kick on the shins – that’ll get those tears flowing! x

  2. Hi there, like the shoes … I’m very much a grey girl too – very seldom wears black – at least not up by the face, because it deepens the wrinkles and so do black mascara. You look great and I hope you’re feeling a bit better today. Hate going to any events when not feeling my best.

  3. You looked lovely even though you were sick! And…you were spot on with the words of wisdom. lol

  4. Ellen

    The turquoise was a perfect addition to the outfit.
    At first I was quite disappointed with the last JCPenny photo but then I realized it was probably the result of a viral ridden brain. All is forgiven.
    I don’t have a “go-to” outfit. Rut ro.

  5. Juhli

    Glad it was such a lovely shower and you look lovely as well. It is tough to go celebrate when you feel sick isn’t it?

  6. Bliss! You so crack me up! “At the end of the day…” haha! So true!!
    You look marvelous, even the JCPenny model is gorgeous today!!
    Have a great week!

  7. From one Mother of the soon to be Bride to another—I love it!!!! TRy to keep your sense of humor!!

  8. Hilarious advice because its true!

  9. very funny but true, it doesn’t matter what you wear…haha..your poses are hilarious, you are so cute. That scarf is lovely, I like the metallic accents on the cute bow ring, bag and shoes.

  10. When we were in Atlanta I went into J Jill for about 8 minutes. Found 3 shirts, tried them on and walked out with 3 new shirts. Can always count on that store.
    Hope you are feeling all better.

  11. Wonderful advice to the future bride, Bliss! Perhaps you’ll write a marriage manual, and share it with us?? : > You look lovely, and we can’t tell you’re not feeling well, though I’m sorry you are. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, and feel better v. soon!

  12. You look great! Would never have guessed that you didn’t feel well. Love the scarf and the metallics. Hope you are feeling better today.

  13. Oh my, the JC Penny model had a little hissy fit but I do think she is too young to pull off the mother of the bride pose…way to young to be believable.

  14. Beautiful scarf. You certainly camouflaged your under the weatherness very well. You look lovely.

  15. Hi,
    A very nice outfit, and I really love the bow ring, I think it looks fabulous. Oh and were so right about the fluff and lace. :D

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