visible monday ~~ front porch sitting

There almost was not a Visible Monday post for today.  In fact, I had a post in mind that I was going to entitle “Zero Visibility” and write about my crazy week and share a vintage find with you all.  Instead I came up this lame-brain idea.  Before I share, please understand:

1.  There has been a crash and burn since the wedding.

2.  I started a new job last Monday (yes, for those having trouble with the math, TWO days after the wedding…more on that later).

3.  I have had zero interest in taking photos de moi because of reasons 1 & 2.


Today has been a very lazy day.  Master Bliss, Rockefeller and I took a walk in the 88*F heat… and that would be all I have accomplished today.  When we returned home, I showered and decided to do two more worthwhile things:

1.  Run an experiment on my hair.

2.  Sit on the front porch and read.

After the shower I put on a casual pair of white capris and my navy blue striped tee.  I pulled my wet hair back in a ponytail (experimenting to see how smooth it dries like this to avoid hot irons) and put on some lip gloss.  Master Bliss came in the bathroom and asked, “Where are you going?”  I looked at him blankly.  Hmmm…when do I ever go out with wet hair and no make-up (unless exercising)?  I replied, “To the front porch.  I just didn’t want to look like a hillbilly sitting out there.”  He said, “Oh…as if.”  Little does he know I am one chin hair away from going out there in my pjs some day.  In the meantime, here is my take on how NOT to look like a hillbilly while front porch sitting:

Ooops!  There’s that dirty mirror again.  Sorry.   No make-up on?  No problem.  Sunglasses hide all.  And a little lip-gloss adds some color.

Close-up mirror shots are not recommended, however.   Back it up.  But not before I zoom in on another porch sitting accessory….amber stud earrings–bien sur!

I still can’t believe I almost didn’t buy these in the Dominican Republic.  I love them.

If you have a front porch, I invite you to sit a spell on it while you sip your Long Island iced tea (please never a Budweiser) and read a great book.  I am off to start my very first Agatha Christie novel ever.  Please go visit Not Dead Yet Style for other great, and far more inspiring, outfits.

Enjoy Monday!

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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38 responses to “visible monday ~~ front porch sitting

  1. It’s a shame not to make pictures of the wedding, her dress was fantastic. In these photos you are very pretty today, simplicity is the best beauty aid.

  2. Hi,
    A nice outfit for lounging around in. We have a front porch but don’t use it much we usually sit out on the back deck, no hot afternoon sun, just lovely. :)

  3. kathleenlisson

    Don’t sell yourself short! The top and bottom didn’t clash! Love the amber earrings.

  4. Juhli

    Lovely again! How did the hair turn out?

  5. Such a gorgeous relaxed look! Very chic–especially with such beautiful earrings.

    Congrats on the new job–I’m sure the proceeds will go toward the most beautiful of things!! (wink)

  6. Oh yes, sunglasses and lip gloss, and you look fab. Let us curlies know how the hair experiment works, we always want more ideas : >

  7. Ellen

    I rarely sit out on my front porch simply because there is only a swing out there which prevents me from doing the big “lie down.” If I did, however, I can guarantee you I would not look as nice as you did.

  8. That top fits you perfectly!! I need a striped top. ;)

  9. I’m in favor of front porch sitting and you look amazing for having a wedding behind you and for starting a new job this week! How did your hair experiment work out?

  10. Bliss, you’re amazing … in UK they have this TV series called “Keep up the appearance” – the Mrs. Bucket she would love you – fully styled to go out in the garden. Love it! Must admit you were some eye candy for the porch. Looking good, Madame.

  11. tamerabeardsley

    Such a refreshing post…i too am a big believer in shades and lipstick…especially for posting (putting on makeup much at my age seems to be tedious…i assume it’s the vast number of years of application….

    Again, the wedding photos are just so beautiful….you deserve much porch time!

    • Thank you, Tamera. You always look so lovely and fresh in your photos–very inspirational. Make-up application does get a bit tedious after doing it for what feels like forever, doesn’t it? I love the days I can go around bare faced and not worry about seeing anyone.

  12. I am out neighborhood’s porch hillbilly ;) I go out in my PJ’s all the time. I so need a striped short sleeve tee…..

  13. Lol! Bliss, you always make me smile!
    I guess now you know why I wear my shades all the time. ;)
    Slick back hair with shades suits you well…now all you need is a harley and a leather jacket. I love your earrings…simple & pretty!
    Have a great week at work!

  14. I saw the stripes and had to click on your photo. I think you look fantastic and you must be exhausted after the wedding, you don’t look it though. Lip color is the easiest way to freshen up a bit. I love your look and the wedding photos were lovely.

  15. A new job sounds very exciting! I once had a porch swing. I loved it in the summer evenings. I sometimes pull a chair into the glassed-in front porch to catch afternoon sunshine, but it’s not quite the same (maybe I should get a rocking chair???). I confess that I don’t entirely understand ‘visibility’ but you do look very un-hillbilly-like. Did the new hair plan work out OK?

    • I am dying for a porch swing. I would like one on the front and I would love to have the back porch screened in. I want, I want, I want…until either of those things happen, I am happy with what I have. And no, the hair plan did not work. ; )

  16. Vous êtes absolument parfaite! Sunglasses and lip gloss are always a good trick. Enjoy Agatha Christie and your free time on the front porch. Can’t wait to hear about the new job… FTW

    • Agatha Christie was great! I am looking forward to reading more by her. And please, don’t get too excited about my new job. It truly is just. a. job. No brilliant career move or anything. But I am thinking of it as incorporating more French into my life.

  17. Hehe…you are always so entertaining with your choice of words. I like your front porch outfit…laid back relaxed chic style. A little nautical inspired too. I am so amused by your mr’s question ,”where are you going?” Congrats on the new job posting!


  18. Your skin is amazing. I think you’re more than just one chin hair away from the hillbilly thang. I hope Mr. Bliss received a big kiss for his “as if” comments.

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