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season for change


Four score and five years ago…

Once upon a time there was…

Did I ever tell you about the time…


Hmmm?   How does one just launch into the announcement that she is closing up her blog?

Say…that wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.   Yes, yes.  It is true.  Stepping My Way to Bliss will be closing at the end of August.  There are many, many reasons for it but here are just a couple:

1.  If you have ever read my About page, you know how and why this all got started.  Some of those reasons now seem invalid.  For example, Bliss House doesn’t seem new to me anymore.  It fits and feels like an old, comfortable shoe.  It is my home  not just my new house.  Maybe we will be here for another 10, 20 years, maybe not.  In any case, I don’t feel like I am “arriving” any longer.

2.  The “Stepping” part of my blog title has come full circle.  Once Belle Fille got married in May, I felt like there was closure to being a step-parent.  I mean, yes, of course I am still (and always will be) a Belle Mere. But when Belle Fille said “I do”, she also became her own woman.  She now belongs with another.  Our parental responsibilities have shifted from active participants to casual by-standers.

3.  Now that I am working more, my time is more valuable.  Valuable enough that I am not sure I want to spend as much of it in front of my computer.  There are many other things I want to have time for so I am always seeking balance.

With those reasons (and others), I almost decided to quit blogging altogether.  When chere Fiona ended her blog last March, my sadness was mingled with jealousy.  I started asking myself why I continued to blog.  There really isn’t a theme (or point?) to my blog.  I am not a “Fashion Blogger” or a “Minimalist Blogger” or a “Foodie Blogger Extraordinaire”.  I am just kind of an “all over the place blogger” which was making posting more and more challenging.  I don’t know why I feel I must pigeon-hole myself but I guess I want to.  When a theme is involved, it keeps me centered and focused. I decided that if I was going to continue blogging, I was going to have to simplify my methods.

I began thinking about what makes me tick.  What  things /topics do I really love?  Of course there are many.  But I kept coming around to three basic things (um, these would be the things on the shallow end of my deep thinking pool–just clarifying): I love all things vintage; I love all things French; and I love all things chic.  Sound familiar?  VintageFrenchChic is the name of my Etsy store…definitely a pattern.  So I decided, if I was to continue blogging, I needed to streamline a bit.  Voila! A new blog…Vintage French Chic.

Some of you have already found my new blog.  Others have noticed my username change.  This will be a new format for me to continue writing (if you can call it that), experimenting, and sharing with the masses  the few who do read my blog.  I have designed the blog with simplicity in mind.  I will only have three categories to post in (Vintage, French, Chic) so hopefully this will keep me centered…and creative.  Another big change…I will no longer be Mistress Bliss.  Well, OK, I will be if you want me to be but my anonymous days are over–to a degree.  The new blog will definitely be a little more personal in feel and content.

So I will see out the end of August on Stepping My Way to Bliss with a couple more posts, including one last Visible Monday and the photo challenge.  If you would like to take a peek over at Vintage French Chic, I would love to have you for a visit.

Thank you for reading Stepping My Way to Bliss.   It has been a very enjoyable way to fly.  I am amazed by all the great people I have “met” through this journey.

Au revoir.

~~Mistress Bliss~~

UPDATE:  Changed my mind…this is the last post for Stepping My Way to Bliss.  Makes sense, don’t you think?


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visible monday ~~ visibly inspired

We are inspired by things we see.  I am always inspired by anything that occurs in nature–sunsets, the beach, flowers, the curious habits of little beasts (including Rockefeller), the Seasons, etc.  And once in awhile I get inspired by an outfit on someone…often pondering, why didn’t I think of that?  This happened to me the other day.  While perusing my cousin’s pins on Pinterest (my presence on Pinterest does not happen often…but I think I am on the verge of change), I saw this outfit:

Oh!  I like it!!  And it prompted me to think about a pendant I own:

I bought this on my memorable trip to Maine...the trip that brought me face to face with the lighthouse of my dreams.

The two inspirations helped me put this together:

(it looks like my eyes are closed but I was looking down below)

Master Bliss and I spent the evening visiting a local artists’ colony/commune/gallery in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  It was their 30th Anniversary and they celebrated with an open house.  It was very interesting walking through this cavernous building that is now housing so much talent.  And of course, I am always inspired by architecture and light too, so I snapped a few of my own photos.

And bought one tiny trinket:

(roman coin set in metal)

What inspires you?

Don’t forget!  I am linking with Patti for Visible Monday.

Have a great Monday.

~~Mistress Bliss~~

PS  Later this week I will have a special announcement…stay tuned.


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visible monday ~~ shades of brown (or an ode to vintage coach willis)

Bonjour, lovely readers!  Today is Visible Monday and  I give you moi in shades of brown.  Which is truly not a summery way to dress but alas I also wanted to show off my “new to me” purse acquisition (and please no reminders of my previous pledges to not buy any more handbags for a year–that deal is so off  now)*.

Recently I started following Atlantic Pacific.  I can’t even remember how I found the blog but I love her stunning array of amazing outfits.  One accessory that she wears often–and it looks great every single time– is a vintage Coach Willis in British Tan.  This bag looks great with so many of her outfits and she wears it with colors I would never think to pair it with.  I have a vintage Willis in black and it has become one of my favorite, go-to handbags of them all.

The Willis is one of those Coach styles I admired from a far for a few years.  Loved it, thought it classy every time I saw it but wasn’t sure it was really me.  Instead I ventured into the Rambler, the Janice’s Legacy and a couple of other classic Coach styles.  Most were too small or not adequate for my needs.  And then I started carrying a Nook.  My requirements in a handbag became very specific.  I found a wonderful style in the Coach Ergo #9033.  Love the simple lines, the outside pocket (a must) and roomy interior, and the shoulder strap length is perfect for me.  Then a few months ago, I saw a great deal on a Vintage Willis (black) and thought I would give it a try.  I have always admired the flap closure with turn-key lock.  Another thing I thought I might like is the cross-body option and, of course, the rear outside pocket.  I bought it and haven’t looked back.  I use it a lot and it gets compliments…because it is a classic.

After following Atlantic Pacific I became convinced that a Coach Willis in British Tan was now part of my destiny.  And wouldn’t you know…they are super hard to find in good shape at reasonable prices.  Black ones are a dime a dozen but the British Tan?  Either they are in high demand or there just weren’t as many made in that color.   I don’t know.  But I was diligent obsessive in my searches and finally landed a good deal.  She just arrived the other day so of course I had to have her out for a spin.  I played it safe and styled her with other browns.  I am very  happy to have another Vintage Willis and I know we are going to have a long, happy union.

handbag: vintage coach willis~sweater, top: talbots~ shoes: bass~necklace: vintage; watch~seiko

Oh!  I just love that thick, glove tanned leather.

Don’t forget to stop by Patti’s for more Visibility.

What is your favorite “go to” handbag?

~~Mistress Bliss~~

*for the record, if anyone cares, i did some purging this weekend and no less than six handbags will be leaving via ebay or etsy.  striving for balance one goodwill load at a time.


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visible monday ~~ weekend capsule dressing part three

Happy Visible Monday!

Last week for Visible Monday I gave you “Part Two” of my capsule dressing for a few days away (a mini-vacation we took in July).  I didn’t want to pack a ton of stuff so I worked around one pair of shoes and one handbag.  I kept my accessories at a minimum but just enough to pull the outfits together.  As a reminder, this is what was packed:

So on the final day I wore my LBD.  I have had this dress for years.  I bought it at Talbots and loved the faux wrap style so much I bought it in red too…which you can see here.  This time the orange in my scarf was used to bring in the handbag.  The nude peeptoes were worn again after sufficiently resting my feet the day before in my Naots.  Ta da!

(dress-Talbots;  shoes-Clarks; bag-Kate Spade; scarf-Hermes; scarf ring and horn bracelet-MaiTai)

One hugely important accessory I forgot to mention was the nail polish I had on my tootsies.  I got a pedicure just a couple of days before leaving so my toes could be at their peeping best.  Or poolside best:

I know.  Cute but hard to see.  So since I don’t want you to have to go to the trouble of enlarging the photo and then trying to locate your trusty magnifier, I will just give you this:

OPI “Your web or mine” from the Spider-Man collection.  Yes, really.  They had a Spider-Man collection.  You’re welcome.

OK, now off you go to check out Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.  Enjoy the start of the week!!

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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visible monday ~~ weekend capsule dressing part two


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday.  As you read this, I am traipsing around Chicago visiting museums, doing a little shopping and enjoying my time with my family.  I am sure I will have more to share about that later.

Last week for Visible Monday I gave you “Part One” of my capsule dressing for a few days away.  I didn’t want to pack a ton of stuff so I worked around one pair of shoes and one handbag.  I kept my accessories at a minimum but just enough to pull the outfits together.  As a reminder, this is what was packed:

On day two this is what I wore:

This striped shirt is from Banana Republic.  I was tickled to buy it for $15-new.  I love it!  It has a very dark navy stripe which perfectly matched my new dark blue Wearever skirt from JJill…also found on sale.  The skinny orange belt (Talbots) worked as one accessory, while the pearls sans brooch, filled in the neckline without overpowering the look.  I wore the MaiTai horn bracelet every day.  You will notice that I am wearing a different shoe.  I packed the Clark nude peep-toes to wear every day, but to give my feet a break I wore these (Naots)–with the longer skirt I felt I could make them work.

Pop on over to Patti’s and see the other ladies!

~~Mistress Bliss~~

Greetings from Chicago:


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visible monday ~~ weekend capsule dressing part one

We recently went out-of-town for a few days.  And with that came the challenge of packing.  I am always determined to pack light although that doesn’t happen every time.  This time it did.  Part of our get away involved going to a three-day conference where I would be dressed up a bit.  I didn’t want to take hordes of shoes, purses, jewelry to make my outfits “work”.  So I picked one pair of shoes, one handbag and worked with that.  This Visible Monday, and the next two, will show you what I wore each day.  Here is a sneak preview of what was packed:

(one pair of shoes: Nude Clarks; one handbag: Kate Spade; one necklace: pearls; one brooch: coral; one belt: Talbots; one scarf: Hermes; one bracelet: MaiTai’s Senegal === easy packing)

And this is what I wore the first day:

I bought this dress with much distress from Talbots.  A few weeks ago I got an email advertising their dresses for $49.99.  I had drooled over this dress for some time but not enough to pay the full price ($150).  In my excitement I emailed Cupcake to let her know about the sale…she was already on that action.  She told me what she ordered, I told her what I had bought.  We were giddy in our savviness.  A few days later, she had hers.  I did not.  I received an email from Talbots saying that they could not fulfill the order because my size had sold out.  I called customer service.  While the lady I spoke with was nice she assured me there was no way I could get the dress unless it could be found in a store somewhere.  She checked her computer….click, click, click, click, click.  Oh yes, she had a three stores in Michigan (the closest one was three hours away) that still had the dress.  And two stores in Connecticut.  Yes!  I asked her to order me one.  “Oh, I am afraid I can’t do that.  I can give you the phone numbers and you will have to call.  Shipping will be free, of course.”  Interesting.  Customer Service could not serve the customer.  Fine, I will call.

All three stores in Michigan were a bust.  One lady said to me, “Oh yeah, we just shipped all of those to corporate yesterday.”  So that told me my dress would probably be available again online but I didn’t want to run the risk of waiting.  So I called a store in Connecticut.  To say I dealt with the least professional sounding people on the earth would be an understatement.  I thought I had called a Freshman Dorm.  The first girl could’ve been smacking on gum, blowing bubbles and on roller skates for all I knew.  She transferred me to “Bob”.  I had a hard time imagining a “Bob” working in a Talbots.  I have never seen a man working in this store before.  But whatever.  Just get me my dress “Bob” and I will crown you employee of the year.  “Bob” was nice but I wasn’t comforted by his lack of knowledge.  When describing the dress, providing the item number, he still acted like he wasn’t sure he had the right one…”Yeah, I think this is it.” was the best I could get.  He assured me it would go out “today” and they would charge my Talbots.  Great! (I think.).  I scurried off to work.  When I checked my phone later I had two voicemails from “Bob”.  They couldn’t find me in the system to charge my card.  I called back.  The convo:

Bubblehead:  “Thank you for calling Talbots.”

Me: “Hi, yes, may I speak to Bob.”

Bubblehead:  “Hold on” (clank)……”Um yeah.  Bob’s not here today.”

Me:  “I spoke with him earlier and he left me a message to call”

Bubblehead:  “Hold on” (clank)….”Oh.  I guess he went home already.”

Me:  “Could I please talk to your manager?”  (Why I waited so long for this efficient step is beyond me).

Bubblehead: “Hold on” (clank).

Through the manager, I was able to clear up why I “wasn’t in the system” (name spelled incorrectly by Bob–shocker.)  I was assured the dress was getting shipped the next day and I would have it in 5-10 business days.  Merci!!!

Five days later…no dress, no shipping information.  Seven days later…no dress.  I place the dreaded phone call.  I get “Bob”.

Me:  “Hi, yes, I called here over a week ago to order a dress (described) and I am checking on its status.”

Bob:  “Oh yeah.  I remember you.  Let me check on that. (Clank—long hold).  Yeah, we shipped that out.”

Me:  “Could I have a tracking number?”

Bob:  “Hold on” (Clank).  “Here it is.  It will be delivered through your USPS.”

Me:  “Great.  Thanks, Bob.”

The tracking number doesn’t work with USPS.  The tracking number doesn’t work with UPS either.

Two days later, still no dress.  I called again and got a manager.  She assured me the dress went out but, “you know, it can take up to ten business days.”  Yes, I am “getting” that.  On the eleventh business day (not including the two weekends that happened in between), it arrived.  I was thrilled…and relieved.  I try it on.  It fits and it is…super sheer.  Like sheer, as in,  I better avoid all back lighting and flashes while wearing.   That’s odd, I think to myself.  But no worries, I will just find a full slip to wear under it (Cupcake encouraged me in this pursuit, painting imagery in her email of how to tantalize Master Bliss by wearing the slip around the house with high heels and pouty red lips–something like that–she is a little naughty : ) ).

Sorry this is so long but it actually gets better.  I went shopping with a BFF to help her buy some new clothes (so much fun to help someone else spend money!).  The only thing on my shopping list is the black slip.  I checked three different places and could not find a black slip.  I realize I do not have time to order one online before we leave.  I am not sure what I am going to do but think maybe I can find one at a resale shop or Goodwill.  After my friend and I went our separate ways that evening, I decided to pop into  my local Talbots to see what was going on in their “Red Hanger” sale.  I  perused tops, skirts, accessories, jackets.  I found  two items that would benefit my wardrobe…and the prices were great.  For some reason (I can’t remember why because I know they weren’t busy), I had to wait a while for the sales associate to help me.  I decided to check through their clearance dresses on a whim knowing I would not be buying one because I just got mine.  I am quickly moving through the dresses on the rack when I suddenly stop and see VOILA! MY DRESS.  IN MY SIZE (what the???).  WITH A BLACK SLIP THAT COMES WITH THE DRESS.  I literally exclaim out loud:
“OH MY WORD!  Are you kidding me???!!!”

A shocked sales associate asks me what is wrong.  I explain my long, sordid story… to her dismay (not because of what her company put me through but because it is a long story–as you know).  So, she knows I have the dress (because who could make all this stuff up?).  And it gets better.  They won’t just let me take the slip off the dress they have.  I ask them to pull up my charge to verify my purchase.  Nope.  I have to BUY the dress again and come all the way back (25+ miles) to return the other one.  Oh, for real.  And the only thing good that came from that is I was able to get the dress for $8.00 less than before AND this same sized dress actually fit me better…was less baggy through the middle (a lesson to remember to try various sizes–even the same size– when shopping).

And THAT is my story of how I was able to get this leopard print dress to share with you on Visible Monday.  Don’t forget to visit Patti’s.

Do you have a horror shopping story to share?

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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visible monday ~~ scarf and necklace

Bonjour, toute le monde!  Today I am getting a little Frenchy on you by showing off a scarf tied as a necklace.  Of course, this is not original.  When have I ever shown you something original?  Come on now.  I saw this on MaiTai’s fabulous website.  She knows her stuff…especially scarves, scarf rings and how to tie the darn things.  I so wanted to do this with my pearls, as she does, but my strand is too short.  So I  used a shell necklace I bought in the Dominican Republic.  I rather like the effect.  It is a great way to wear a scarf on a hot day.  I hate seeing my scarves just sitting in their boxes, lonely, begging to come out and add some pizzazz.  Do you feel that way too?  If so, this is what you do:

(scarf: hermes; scarf ring: maitai; top: gap; handbag: kate spade; necklace: native to the D.R.)

To know how to do it click here.  I think I pretty much did it the same way.  I did a similar thing a few weeks ago without using the MaiTai  scarf ring…and it held OK.  See:

There are other ways to wear a scarf as a necklace….check out this one too.

Hope you are having a great start to your week.  Please check out the other ladies on Not Dead Yet Style.

Au revoir!

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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visible monday ~~ new repeats

Is it just me or does Monday come around awfully fast?  I swear I feel like I just did a Visible Monday post yesterday.  Scary fast is time.

And how is your week shaping up so far?  Mine is going to be a fabulous one.  Today I am spending the day with one of my dearest friends (and her husband–who is also a friend : ) ).   While the guys are off golfing we girls will shop, antique and look for places to sit and gab (I know, so cliché but we don’t care).  We will meet up with the men for dinner and then we’ll probably end up back at chez Bliss for a vicious rematch of euchre.  Every year we get together we have to play–men vs. women.  It has been a little frustrating because the men always seem to win.  It is doubly frustrating because we taught “husband friend” HOW to play.  Grrrr.  I don’t know.  I have a good feeling that tonight will be LADIES’ NIGHT!

Tomorrow is grooming day for Rockefeller and me.  I am in desperate need of a hair shape up and pedicure.  He is in desperate need of an overhaul.  Do I lie?

(ssshh…he’s sleeping)

I have been seriously considering going shorter….like pixie cut (thanks to Tamera).  But it may be just  a daydream for now.  That is a big step…not sure I can take it yet.  Actually the haircut I have wanted for almost 20 years is the “Sabrina” haircut in the Julia Ormond version of the movie.   See?

Julia Ormond to Star in The El Escorial Conspiracy


Some day.

The rest of the week will find us out-of-town for a couple of  fun/special events including our 18th Anniversary.   That being announced, I might add that I am not sure how often I will be in blogland.  I am going to try to have a couple of posts scheduled but I know visiting and commenting  on other blogs may be a challenge.  So I am sort of, kind of, going to be taking a blogging  break.  But you never know when/where I will pop up.

This week I brought out items I have worn before just not together.  The skirt was first seen here, the shirt here.  I wasn’t sure about putting these together but I just acquired an orange  belt from Talbots and I think it helps pull it together:

(skirt: talbots; top: jjill; handbag: kate spade; shoes: clarks; necklace: lia sophia)

It wasn’t until I saw these pictures that I decided I really liked this ensemble.   I will have a couple of new things to show you in coming weeks but  you will probably be seeing more and more repeats  worn in different ways.  Visible Monday is helping me to get more creative.  It is all about accessories.  I just love them.  Really love them.

Now it is time for you to go get inspired.  Check out the other ladies at Not Dead Yet Style.

Have a great week!  And be good…only when necessary.

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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visible monday ~~ casual wear for the fair

Summer means many things to many people…sun, beach, swimming, ice cream, vacation, etc.  For me it also means it is time for the monthly antique fair which happens the last Sunday of every month from April through September.  I make it a goal to go at least once.  Last Sunday was my time.  It was hot so I needed to dress cool and smart to protect myself from the sun.  I also knew I needed to travel via bicycle so as not to buy anything more than I could carry home.  This is safe shopping for me…not that I still can’t manage a bit of serious damage.  You will remember that last year was a successful visit due to finding my wiggle dress which I wore as my mother-of-the-bride dress (not bought for that reason it just blissfully worked out that way).  What treasure would I find this time?

While wearing the very hat I bought at the fair last year, I set off to find “it”.  I know a certain blogger who will applaud my style…or attempt there of.   I  actually had a woman compliment it.  Said she, “Very cute hat”.   Said I, “Thanks… um, I got it here.”   I will bet I was the only person in that entire fair who could say something like that.  Check out my mode of transport:

(t-shirt, target; linen pants, jjill; sandals, birkenstock; cross-body bag, baggallini sidney; hat, antique fair)

Master Bliss bought it as my gift for our anniversary in 1998.  It’s getting old but I LOVE my bike.  I love the basket, the ergonomic seat (which needs to be replaced this summer), the color and style.  It is a GT Slipstream Cross bike (or hybrid).  I am not sure if they still make them but if they do, I can highly recommend it.  It has great design with the handle bars…I can sit straight while varooming around.  And does it have a bell?  Bien sur.

A cross-body bag is “absolument necessaire”.  I need my hands free for these type excursions.  Plus, it provides for clutz free browsing.  Some of the booths are narrow and cramped and the last thing I need is to have one of my beloved shoulder bags send a priceless Ming Dynasty vase crashing on the pig barn floor.

If you were to ask Mistress Bliss if she is excited about going to a crowded antique fair on a hot, humid day this is the reaction you will surely receive:

What can I say?  I am an antiquing moron.

What did I find?  Oh, a couple of little gems.  First, there was the need of replacing my old Sunbeam self-lowering toaster.  We have had one for years but it stopped lowering.  My dad took it apart on his last visit here…and then put it all back together.  I don’t know what we were thinking.  He is no electrical engineer…or toaster tinker.  So I was totally geeked (not hard to imagine, please see above photo) when I found one for $20!  And it fit in the bike basket perfectly.  However, it sadly left no room for anything else…

Vintage Art Deco, Sunbeam Toaster, Radiant Control Model T-20, Chrome

(this is just like the one i found but you can buy this one on etsy…sadly, not for $20)

…except for what could be taken home on my person of course.  I bought this fabulous aquamarine ring:

(have i finally found my perfect right hand ring?  for you astute observers, yes, this is on the left hand…but only for the photo)

I have had a love affair with aquamarine since 9th grade.  I chose that stone for my class ring.  Through the years I have had  a couple of other aquamarine rings but it is difficult to find genuine aquamarine that has good color and is not cloudy–without spending a mint.  When I saw this in the case, sparkling all its bluish goodness at me, I nearly swooned.  I thought for sure it was a simulated stone but its setting, and the fact it was at an antique fair, belied that assumption.  I asked to see it.  The lady told me it was a 2 carat genuine aquamarine stone set in sterling silver…and that I surely wouldn’t be able to find one with that color  and clarity in stores.  I agreed.  She was asking only $66 (a good price).  I said I would think about it.  And I did for nearly two hours as I walked around.  I couldn’t get it out of my head so I went back to look at it one last time.  I asked if she would take $60 (a better price).  She said yes.  I said, “sold!”.  I was thrilled…still am.  But common sense finally kicked in at that point and told me to get the heck out of Dodge before I bought anything else.   I left…pronto.  Not too bad of a day, I must say.

What is your favorite treasure find when antiquing?  Or  thrifting?

Remember, I am linking up with Not Dead Yet Style…so please check out the other ladies.

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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visible monday ~~ brick walls

HA!  Did you think I hit one?  Nope.  I found one to use as a backdrop for my Visible Monday photo shoot.  Something different, ya’ know?

I am learning a lot from participating in Visible Monday.  Firstly, I am so inspired by the other ladies who post their pictures every week, sharing their creative endeavors in fashion.  I have seen wonderful interpretations of ensembles that I seriously never would have thought of to try.  By extension, I think it is helping me to be more daring… or at least a little less conservative with my clothing.  Secondly, it is challenging me to work with the clothes I have.  This season (Spring/Summer), I have bought only three things (only talking clothing here, people, not accessories– in case anyone is keeping count of those items by chance–I am no saint)  to add to my wardrobe…two dresses and a shirt (also not including 3  very casual shirts for work).  This is good! because I have worked hard at keeping a minimal/capsule type wardrobe and I don’t want to veer from this no matter how inspired I get by other fashionistas.  So, the following ensemble(s) consists of pieces I have had for a few years, however I felt I could add pizzazz with newer or different accessories:

(skirt, sweater–jjill; top–macys; scarf–hermes; shoes–bass; purse–vintage; horn bracelet and mother-of-pearl scarf ring–maitai collection)

I was inspired to dress in these colors because I knew later in the day we would be  on our friends’ boat for dinner.  I simply took a pair of white cropped pants (QVC) and another pair of shoes for relaxing on the decks.  I acclimated well to my marina environment.  This is me slyly devising a plan to  take over the boat.  But it is hard to plan a mutiny without someone getting hurt…or getting authorities involved:

But I WANT to sleep here:

Wake up to this:

and eat on this deck:

Every day!  And I think Master Bliss would make a spiffy captain (just imagine him with a captain’s hat on):

IF he could pry my butt off of this “Queen of Everything” chair/throne:

I have always wanted control and I could so have it here:

I’m really good at pushing buttons.

I mean, come on!  Don’t we look like boat people?  Don’t you think marina life makes us look younger  happier?  I think so.   Look!  We are glowing.  Oh, OK.  The sun was setting but still!

 Our friends said the boat may be for sale in the future.  It got me thinking.  I did some research until I found this advertisement for a boat very similar to theirs just a little smaller.  We would definitely need to sell the house.  And then I would have to change my blog’s name to “swimming my way from bliss”.  Maybe more on those thoughts later.

Go check out Not Dead Yet Style...and have fun!

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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