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visible monday ~~ errand running outfit

Happy Monday!

I spent another day running errands.  It truly is one of my least favorite things to do.  But I had to pick up my sewing machine and Birkies from their respective repairs.  I am quite proud of myself for taking the time to have these items repaired because I do believe there was a time when I would’ve just scrapped them and bought new.  For example, the 1969 Singer Sewing machine only cost me $20.00 at Goodwill.  It fired right up and was sewing like a dream until there was a “kerplunk!” and it wasn’t any more.  I could have reasoned since it cost so little, I could just get rid of it and put some money into a new model.  But something told me this was worth saving.  The service repair man thought so too.  I okayed service/repair on it up to $100…it came in at $115 but the man went ahead and did it because it “is just too great a machine not to”.  So it is fixed, oiled, fine-tuned and ready to go!

And the Birkies.  I bought my Birkenstocks off QVC about 2 years ago.  I saw another lady wearing the same style at my hair salon and thought they were so cute  I asked where she found them.  I went home and ordered a pair pronto.  They are metallic with little rhinestones on the buckles.  I wore the snot out of them.  I know Birkenstocks are not the most chic shoe out there but I love these shoes.  I have had a long history of left hip/leg/foot pain and I don’t experience any discomfort in my Birkies.  However, since finding “cute” ones is hard to do, I decided to re-sole mine this year to hopefully get another couple of years out of them.  Only $35 for this plan versus $80+ for a new pair.  And while this was a good, money-saving move, I unfortunately (or fortunately) found a pair of Naots that were half off at the store where my repair was done.  Those are now on layaway.  So much for saving money but I know these will be a good investment too.

via shoebuy.com

(I think this is the style or pretty darn close to the ones I bought…and mine were much cheaper!)

As for my visibility on errand running day…I opted for a casual skirt.  I really like wearing skirts in the summer–maybe more so than crops and definitely more than shorts.  This skirt is from Kikapaprika.  It is very soft and light weight.  I can wear it with just about anything.

The pink/peach jacket is also from Kikapaprika and I can’t decide whether to keep it or let it go.  Kikapaprika ran a special last year on summer close-out–spend $xxx amount and get a “grab bag” for $xx, guaranteeing four or five items in the bag valued at $xxx.  I love grab bags…I got this gene from my mother.  Most of what came in the bag was great–including the black skirt–but this jacket and one other item were questionable for my shape/style.  I think the tie closures hit at an empire waist and this is not a good look on me–ever.  So I left it untied.  What are your thoughts?  Keep it or let it go?

The photo-session was done by moi because Master Bliss was not around.  I had to fashion a tri-pod and this is how that was done:

I will let you work out the logistics of it all.  It was interesting.  Of course stepping out without some vintage bling just doesn’t happen around here:

And one more shot of what shod my feet (or another gratuitous shot of Rockefeller).  These are my old Born flip-flops.

I think they may get retired once I get the new Naots.

OK, now skeedaddle on over to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for some more fashion flurry.

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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visible monday ~~ the kikapaprika jacket

Happy (Visible) Monday!   Last week was my first time participating in Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday forum.  I will have to admit…it was fun.  I have “met” a few new bloggers as a result and picked up some great style tips along the way.  This week I am featuring my favorite “go to” jacket that I got last year when I hosted a Kikapaprika party (to learn more about Kikapaprika, click here).

I LOVE this jacket.  It is definitely a three season piece for me which is great as I work with my minimalist wardrobe.  I bought it in the “mineral wash” and have found it to be incredibly versatile–wearing it with many different color combinations, with dressier clothes and with jeans.  I even wore it for our family portrait last Fall.  And here is how I wore it yesterday:

This is paired with a black tank (Talbots), a black Wearever skirt (JJill) that has the cutest little ruffle hem (not seen) and my black peep toe pumps (Clarks) that I can not wear out–thank goodness because I love them (in fact they deserve their own post) and can’t imagine my life without them–seriously.  With all the black and grey on such a warm day, I thought it best to wear a little color by adding the turquoise beads (thrifted for $5.00 after I saw this post by Adrienne and decided I needed turquoise beads too).

These are the same earrings I wore last week but without the jackets.

Since my handbag (vintage Coach Willis) was black too, I smartly tied a colorful scarf to it for more color.  I will bet you have never seen a Coach Willis with a chain handle.  I used to sell MicheBags and this is a strap they  sell…I like the length of it better than the long shoulder strap that comes with the Willis (one of these days I plan to have that one shortened).

You didn’t think for one moment I would end this post without a JCPenney pose, did you?  As if!

This is the rarely seen and hard to master, “oh no you didn’t!” pose.   Thanks.  I know.

OK…now go check out the other lovelies!!

~~Mistress Bliss~~

P.S.  I am currently interviewing for a new photographer.  The bathroom shots are getting both old and tedious…I can’t tell you how many tries it takes to get one that isn’t too blurry or has too much toilet in it.  Frustrating.  Master Bliss is hesitant to take the job (he’s the only coerced applicant thus far) because he knows all the criteria that must be met (ie: must make me look younger; must make me look thinner; must make me look smarter; etc).  I don’t think he’s up to the task and inevitable “model” tantrums.


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kikaPaprika, cheese, wine and a beer

 A couple of Wednesdays ago was the day of my kikaPaprika show.  It was a fun night and supported by quite a few good friends.  I hope they liked what they saw.  More importantly, I hope they had fun and enjoyed the wines and cheeses. 

Whenever I host a home show I put a lot of effort and thought into what to serve.  I never want my friends to think I am taking advantage of them by inviting them to such events.  I seriously try to put a fun spin on the occasion because I want my guests to have fun.  I really don’t care if they spend money or not.  I figure this is my way of sharing something cool or interesting–if my friends like it, want it , buy it–that’s up to them.  I never want anyone to feel pressured into buying anything.  I look at having home shows (which is rare, I might add) as an excuse for the girls to get together, have fun and maybe learn something…in that order.

For this event I wanted to do a wine/cheese pairing spread.  This is what I put together:

the cheese sampling included: gouda, camembert, sharp aged cheddar and erin gold

To offset the cheeses and crackers/bread, I also had yummy strawberries and grapes.

And not to be forgotten….the wine.

variety is the spice of life

The article I read about having a wine and cheese party encouraged having a nice variety to choose from AND about 2-3 bottles per 1 guest   1 bottle per 2-3 guests (the math can be consufing confusing).  That can add up quickly.  So I didn’t splurge on pricey brands–kept it simple.  Thankfully, my friends aren’t total lushes because there were a few bottles left over.  Notice the wine markers on the island–they were a hit with everyone.

I also like using the “good” stuff for events like this–just like the French do.  No paper (except napkins), no plastic.  Crystal always livens up a party catapulting it into a sophisticated event.

and I love these:

A Goodwill find at $1.50 each.  I use them for everything; Perrier, wine, champagne, beer….

….Speaking of beer, I have to share.  This is my new all time favorite bottled beer:

“Aged on bourbon oak chips” making it a “sipping” beer.  I don’t know about that–I find gulping tastes just as good.  The only reason this one hasn’t been opened is because it was pretty early in the day when I took the photo.  Try it!  It’s not cheap (4 bottles equals $8.99 in my neck of the woods) but it is SO worth it.  We are having friends over this Friday for dinner (steaks), this will be my splurge for them (and me–who are we kidding).

Do you enjoy doing home shows?  How about entertaining in general–what is your favorite type of party to give?


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wardrobe savvy


(photo credit)

You can read endless great blogs about fashion, wardrobe planning, buying classics, learning about designers and brands.  I love reading these blogs and finding ways to tweak and improve my wardrobe.  My new fascination with minimizing has also lead me to many great minimalist blogs who have touched on the subject of scaling back on clothes–which in my experience has led to greater freedom and creativity in my little sartorial world.

Some of the blogs I have learned oodles from are as follows.

  • Aesthetic Alterations–She knows her stuff…especially Hermes.  She has a knack for blending high-end with every day items to always be stunning.  And you can thank her for bringing back hats.
  • Rich Life on a Budget–Adrienne, although currently on a spending freeze, loves finding the classics, especially the French ones.  She has commissioned her very own LBD to be made for her…we are anticipating its reveal.
  • Vivienne Files–OK, this woman has brought Paris fashion to my doorstep monitor.  She has the innate ability to pull together the most awesome clothing capsules…all the while channelling the expertise of a true French (Parisian) woman.
  • Dead Fleurette–an aesthetically pleasing blog to say the least.  This young lady has worked out her personal style.  I am impressed with this because she is very young to have figured out so much so soon.  She has fabulous tastes and has learned it is not about quantity but quality.
  • Cupcake Caramel–Again, someone who appreciates quality over quantity.  To achieve her sartorial goals she created the Planned Wardrobe Database.

I mention these women because I have been influenced by them the most.  There are others too.  Many of the  minimalist bloggers have motivated me to savagely attack my closet, achieving wonderful results to develop a working but cute capsule wardrobe.  Much thought now goes into my clothes: what I will buy, why I will buy it and what will it replace are all carefully considered. 

Bea (http://zerowastehome.blogspot.com/2011/06/simple-easy-to-carry-wardrobe.html), Janet (http://thegardenerscottage.blogspot.com/search/label/fashion%20over%2050) (for the record, Janet does not call her blog a minimalist blog but she lives simply and I like it) and Francine  (http://www.missminimalist.com/) are just a few gals who have helped me to rethink my wardrobe goals and strategy.  Not long ago Janet also posted about the need of consumer awareness–who makes the clothes you buy? where were they made?  what conditions are they made in?  It is hard to want to do this type of research (hiding behind “rich” labels doesn’t mean you haven’t supported a poorly managed company) .  But maybe it is time we all start giving more thought to these questions.  DO some research.  MAKE informed decisions on the products we buy. 

So with all this information running amuck in my noggin, imagine my glee when I discovered the clothing line KikaPaprika.  Recently, I had opportunity to attend a Tea with a very dear friend.  The theme of the Tea was “Celebrating Friendship”.  After we noshed on scones and delicate sandwiches, we were enlightened by local business women on the different ways we can celebrate our friendships.  One of the women was a representative for KikaPaprika.  She did a mini-fashion show for us using a capsule of 10 items, taking them out of a suitcase (as if she had packed for a trip) and showing all the ways these items could work together.  My friend and I, who differ in clothing tastes, were simultaneously “oohing and awwing” over the things she put on.  I recognized the potential some of these pieces had in my wardrobe.  But what SOLD me were the facts she shared about the company:

  • All clothes are made in the USA.
  • The clothing is made of organic cottons/dyes where possible.
  • Recycled plastic bottles are used in some fabrics (like their scarves, some tops)
  • They believe in the ethical trade and fair treatment of everyone involved with the production and distribution of their clothing.
  • Proceeds from accessories go to women in need.
  • Eco friendly: Recycled boxes are used for shipping, recycled plastics for bags, bio-degradable plantable seed paper is used for the clothing tags and recycled paper for the printed materials. 
  • The company makes a Spring/Summer line; then a Fall/Winter line.  Colors and styles change while core pieces remain the same so you can build your capsules efficiently.

So many great selling points which makes for almost guilt free buying.  One caveat–they are a direct sales company so you need to find a local representative (visit online to find one) and order through her or host a show to earn some discounted items.  Please check them out online for more information.   A future post will reveal some of the items I have bought and woven into my capsule.

As always, savviness must rule in the Bliss House.  When I find ways to be more savvy, there is always great happiness and elation.  I love sharing with others how they too can save money, live savvy, frugal lives…things that can be very challenging in these hard economic times.  Again, I wanted to remind you of Melissa Tosetti’s (author of the book, “Living the Savvy Life”) current promotion.  It ends today!  See details below:



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