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writer’s block…

…so enjoy another lily.

I do have things to say but they are all jumbled in my mind.  I’ll be back…I think. : )

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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swooning over irises


A couple of weeks ago I was on a morning walk with Rockefeller and got really excited when I saw the first irises of the season in bloom.  I adore irises.  I don’t always take walks with my camera but that morning I did and I snapped a couple of shots:

Then yesterday I was walking Rockefeller down by the fairgrounds, without my camera, and was surprised to see a nice variety of irises planted along their chain-link fence.  The blooms were past their prime but I made a note to go back today and try to see what I could capture:

Although the irises were starting to fade, some other gorgeous beauties were having their hey day.  Peonies!   What is not to love about a peony?  Except the ants.

Back to irises.  When we got home I took some pictures of my irises.  They tend to bloom a little later than most thanks to all of our shade.

I also finally bought my annuals today.  I always buy loads of impatiens thanks to all the trees.  But they are lovely and I never tire of them.

I need to get back to that front porch quick!

Irises.  Such an elegant flower.   And I am not the only person to love them…check out Lisa’s photos.

Do you have a favorite flower?  I am not sure I could ever pick an absolute favorite.

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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