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visible monday ~~ new repeats

Is it just me or does Monday come around awfully fast?  I swear I feel like I just did a Visible Monday post yesterday.  Scary fast is time.

And how is your week shaping up so far?  Mine is going to be a fabulous one.  Today I am spending the day with one of my dearest friends (and her husband–who is also a friend : ) ).   While the guys are off golfing we girls will shop, antique and look for places to sit and gab (I know, so cliché but we don’t care).  We will meet up with the men for dinner and then we’ll probably end up back at chez Bliss for a vicious rematch of euchre.  Every year we get together we have to play–men vs. women.  It has been a little frustrating because the men always seem to win.  It is doubly frustrating because we taught “husband friend” HOW to play.  Grrrr.  I don’t know.  I have a good feeling that tonight will be LADIES’ NIGHT!

Tomorrow is grooming day for Rockefeller and me.  I am in desperate need of a hair shape up and pedicure.  He is in desperate need of an overhaul.  Do I lie?

(ssshh…he’s sleeping)

I have been seriously considering going shorter….like pixie cut (thanks to Tamera).  But it may be just  a daydream for now.  That is a big step…not sure I can take it yet.  Actually the haircut I have wanted for almost 20 years is the “Sabrina” haircut in the Julia Ormond version of the movie.   See?

Julia Ormond to Star in The El Escorial Conspiracy


Some day.

The rest of the week will find us out-of-town for a couple of  fun/special events including our 18th Anniversary.   That being announced, I might add that I am not sure how often I will be in blogland.  I am going to try to have a couple of posts scheduled but I know visiting and commenting  on other blogs may be a challenge.  So I am sort of, kind of, going to be taking a blogging  break.  But you never know when/where I will pop up.

This week I brought out items I have worn before just not together.  The skirt was first seen here, the shirt here.  I wasn’t sure about putting these together but I just acquired an orange  belt from Talbots and I think it helps pull it together:

(skirt: talbots; top: jjill; handbag: kate spade; shoes: clarks; necklace: lia sophia)

It wasn’t until I saw these pictures that I decided I really liked this ensemble.   I will have a couple of new things to show you in coming weeks but  you will probably be seeing more and more repeats  worn in different ways.  Visible Monday is helping me to get more creative.  It is all about accessories.  I just love them.  Really love them.

Now it is time for you to go get inspired.  Check out the other ladies at Not Dead Yet Style.

Have a great week!  And be good…only when necessary.

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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jungle dog

I was out planting flowers today and had Rockefeller on the tie out.  To say he’s not an outside dog is an understatement.  I actually missed the best photo op.  I couldn’t find him for a minute until I saw him hiding in the dirt (why would he lie his white belly on the cool, clean grass?) , completely concealed by a hostas.  I ran inside to get the camera and of course he moved on me…but he still looked like a little dog lost in the jungle.



Hear me ROAR!


Yes.  I am that tough.


Hope you are enjoying your  weekend too!

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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weekly photo challenge ~~ two subjects

This week’s theme is “two subjects”.  This picture shows Master Bliss trying to engage Rockefeller into some play time.  I love the light and shadows that were being cast through the window at that moment.  Rockefeller timidly held back because of the light on the floor.  This was taken almost a year ago.  It reminds me of how much Rockefeller’s personality has changed since then.  I am so happy we gave an abused dog a second chance.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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spring walk shock


I know. I know.  Get over it already about the wacky weather.  But I just can’t.  MY TULIPS HAVE OPENED.  The rule is:  Tulips are to bloom in May.  This is why we have the annual Tulip FESTIVAL in Holland, Michigan every year…in MAY.  What the heck kind of festival will there be this year?  The Holland Tulip Stem Festival?  Sounds beautiful.  Let’s not forget that Belle Fille is getting married on May 12th.  I had visions in my pre-planning wedding head of colorful tulips and dutch dancers as a lovely backdrop on our big day.  Can there even be dutch dancers if there are no tulips?  See–we just don’t know because tulips have never bloomed in March before.

Our area tulip trees, cherry blossoms, and red buds have either already passed their prime or are in full splendor right now.  The next three pictures were taken on a walk yesterday.

 Sigh.  I guess I just have to give in to the insanity and enjoy it while I can.

Rockefeller doesn’t seem to mind the unusual warmth of the sun.  Wherever there is a beam, he tries to catch it:

Happy Spring to one and all!

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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who’s loving the snow?


Rockefeller is.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend as much as he is.

~~Mistress Bliss~~


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weekly photo challenge ~~ launch


The only thing that came to my mind for a “launch” picture was Rockefeller (that and NASA wouldn’t return my calls).  We have developed a certain morning ritual.  After I let him out of his kennel, I hurry into the family room and sit down on the sofa.  If unchecked, as soon as I do this, he comes 100mph from the dining room and in a flying leap, joins me for his morning “love fest”– ears scratched, belly rubbed, hugs, etc.  I like to have fun with this routine.  Because we are trying to train him to only be on the furniture when invited, sometimes while he is gunning for the “launch”, I put my hand up for “STOP”.  All fours come to a screeching halt on the wood floor and he looks at me like I have just taken away his raison d’etre.  As soon as the hand goes down, I say OK, he revs up again and in a flash! he’s cuddling next to me.  I decided for this challenge to try to capture his launch.  Very hard to do with my camera…not quite fast enough.  Usually I got this:

yes, that's his nose in the upper left corner...his face in mine, ready for attention.

But finally I was able to get this blur of fury:

"watch out!!! and just try to stop me..."

Aren’t pets the greatest?



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weekly photo challenge ~~ winter

Timely challenge.  We just got back from Tennessee last night…clear roads, great traveling day.  And now tonight, winter’s fury hath unleashed.  Not complaining.  December was extremely mild in these here parts.  Now that the snow est arrive (you insert correct french accent marks), I expect it is here to stay.

So watch out little birds and seek ye cover:

And trees, stand strong under icy coats and snowy fluff:

Little dogs, find thee your friends:

not staged...he really had taken snoopy over to his favorite "hot spot" and then laid down next to it.

And cozy up for the long winter:

Happy Monday!  Stay warm.


P.S.  No idea if I used my Old English correctly so just roll with it.

P.P.S.  Um, question:  Do “fixed” dogs still try to “hump” things…like stuffed Snoopys?  When I was scheduling this for press, I heard an odd sound coming from my dog.  Oh the horror of what my eyes beheld!  Poor Snoopy.  Completely changes the meaning of the above photos.  Not so cute anymore.  He’s a deviant and he had a plan all along.


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a year ago today…


(taken this morning)

Can it be a year already? One full year has passed since little Rockefeller walked his scared, little, shaking body through our door. I remember feeling a little scared myself. Deciding to rescue a dog was really just an idea one day and a reality a couple of days later.I hardly had time to prepare– mentally, emotionally or materially. Sometimes the best decisions are the rash, not well thought out, go with your gut ones (not a rule I live by).

First, I must thank Fiona for her big heart and selflessness.  She adopted her beloved Atlas last year in November.� Her posts about him and the experience of adopting are really what got me thinking about doing the same thing.  Second, I have to thank my cousin/BFF for having decided to get a Havanese dog a few years ago. She had shared so much with me about what a fun and loving dog Ava was that checking into that breed was paramount for me.  Finding a Havanese rescue dog, relatively close by, I thought would be next to impossible.  I was open to other breeds/mixes but my heart was set on a Havanese.

 Rockefeller (or Cider, as he was named) was the third dog I called about.  I found him through PetFinder.com.  Earlier I had found another small dog needing a home through a local pound.  But by the time I called he had been adopted.  He was not a Havanese but some little poodley mix.  I was happy he got adopted so quickly but rather surprised by how fast one had to act on adopting cute little dogs.

Rockefeller’s personality has definitely changed in this past year.  It is still changing.  He is very cuddly and affectionate with Master Bliss and me but very shy of strangers.  He will take treats from someone but won’t let most people pet him.  My mom and another good friend are the only ones who have received that privilege over the last year.  But I think this will entirely change with time.  I hope so.

When we first got him he would spend a lot of time on our window seat either looking forlornly outside or barking at the squirrels.  Now he is hardly ever up there  preferring to interact with us or his favorite toy of all time–his bed.  I don’t mean he is lying around on it all day either (he does his share of that).  Rather it is his toy.  First thing in the mornings, as soon as he comes inside from going potty, as I unleash him I say, “Go Rocky!”.  Full throttle, he takes off, beelines to his kennel, grabs his bed and the fun begins.  He thrashes it around.  We play fetch with it.  If we are playing hide and seek/chase, he thinks he’s “SAFE!” if he gets on that bed.  He knows and loves that thing.  I kept thinking the bed fixation would be a passing thing so I kept buying other toys.  I am saving my money now because nothing beats his bed.  And he loves going for rides in the car…it used to terrify him.  Now he is the best traveling companion.

To celebrate our one year anniversary I went out and bought some new things and his favorite treats; a new red collar, new red leash, Get Naked treats, a Bully stick and a new tag.  I know.  He’s spoiled.

Is it just me or does this look like it’s from the Hollywood Walk of Fame?  Fitting, I suppose.

Take a peek at this post and this one to see what he looked like a year ago.  And now we will see a “day in the life” of Rockefeller (the following were all taken the same day, Wednesday):

After going outside this is what we do…get the bed.

And we show it who is Boss.

When we return from our walk on a cold day, this is the surest, fastest way to warm up.

(Although he looks cute, he is pretty grubby and doesn’t know today is Grooming for the Stars day).  Now he knows.

Going home in the car is both a relief and fun.  “Don’t hate me because I am handsome”.

And a bit goofy.

Stressful time at the groomer’s can only lead to one activity.

But naps aren’t fully complete without “the bed” (I had just washed it and put it on the floor, all fresh and warm.  He got off the other bed, dragged it over and put it over his head).

All rested and time to play. “Mom!� Get off your butt and play with me!! “

Happiness is just being “me”.

And happiness for us is having him here.

My advice…go adopt a pet!

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weekly photo challenge ~~ waiting


Waiting to go out:


Waiting to come in:


Happy Monday!  Don’t forget to enter my awesome giveaway.  Details are HERE.


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scratch and sniff


I wish your computer monitor was a “scratch and sniff” because this cutest- little- dog- ever smells just like pumpkin.  His “Groomer to the stars” (that’s how she is listed in my contacts on my phone)  used a scented wash yesterday.  Behold the results:



He is truly getting sick of me hugging on him.  I noticed he is purposely creating a greater distance between us when I invite him to come up on the sofa.  A couple of days ago when he was a little stinky dog, he had to be pressed right up next to me.  Now that he smells good enough to eat, he pops up, looks at his usual spot, looks at me and beelines to the opposite end of the sofa.  The little snob.  OK, gotta go hug him again.


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