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tapped out


Life has taken a sudden turn into craziness.  My apologies for not responding to comments or commenting on your blogs.  Today is the first day since last Friday that I have had the opportunity to even venture into blogland for more than a quick look.  I have read a few posts out there but, by and large, I haven’t kept up and I fear I can’t go back…just have to go with now and forward.  Until the wedding is fait accompli, I believe this is how it will be and I just need to roll with it.

Last Saturday morning we left at 6:00 AM for the Poconos region of Pennsylvania (yes, French Twisted Woman, I did think of you, however, I didn’t know for sure if this was your neck of the woods).  The sole purpose of this 12 hour journey was to take Belle Fille to a  couples’ shower given by her fiance’s family.  This is just about the LAST thing I wanted to do since recovering from illness and having just a few weeks left before the wedding.  However, duty called for action and it was done.

I think I am getting old.  Twelve hour road trips are not my thing anymore.  From the start I let Master Bliss and Belle Fille know that it was on them to get us there.  I had a Nook of reading and some magazines to keep me entertained and happy.  Or not.  Apparently I can’t read in the car longer than 20 minutes before I need a 15 minute nap to recover.  I did make a huge dent in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by the time we got home but I didn’t finish it as planned.  Master Bliss and I have this dream trip of taking a driving tour of the West.  After this 24hrs in a car over 3 days debacle, I have thrown that dream out the window–somewhere on Hwy. 80 in the middle of Pennsylvania.  My MAX time in-car is 7-8 hours then you better get me out of there if you wish to have any peace in your life.  I think I will be looking into train travel for the Western bound trip of the future.

Despite the “trapped in a car for 12 hrs crankiness” and endless rain, I can say that driving through Pennsylvania is beautiful.  Love those mountains and it made me think of Tennessee.  And the woman we stayed with…well let me just say, she was the epitome of class and graciousness.  We had planned on staying in a hotel but this woman, a dear friend of Belle Fille’s fiance (she was a mentor to him while growing up), insisted that we stay with her.  She lives on a 300 acre working farm that is peppered with relatives that live here and there and run things now.   Her farm-house was charming and clearly identified the woman who lived there…clean, neat, eclectic, hospitable, well-traveled and humble.  In her 75+ years, she has lived abroad and traveled extensively, speaks three languages and is one of the most down to earth persons I have ever met.  Just a gem.  She is coming to the wedding and I am already looking forward to seeing her again.  Guess what?  She had the same trench coat I have!  It made total sense to surprise her with the “perfect” thank you gift…a lovely scarf, bien sur.  This is the idyllic setting we stayed in:

The party was fun and the future in-laws did a nice job with it.  Future MIL decided to have beta-fish(es) as the centerpieces.  Yes, really.  Not sure why and not sure how I felt about it (besides feeling sorry for the little fishies) but I had to twice decline taking one home with me.  She was very insistent about Belle Fille taking one home too.  Since Belle Fille is still in the “people pleasing” stage of life, she acquiesced.  I can’t tell you how hard I laughed when somewhere between Pennsylvania and Ohio the bowl fell over freeing the little Beta on the floor of the back seat.   As it flopped its little life around, freaking Belle Fille out, Master Bliss had to stop the car to “rescue” it from a horrible fate.  There was enough water still in the bowl so it could be revived.  I told Belle Fille that the whole ” forcibly adopting a fish” was no doubt a test to see how her future mothering skills would be and if this situation was an indicator she had better not tell her MIL.  She didn’t find me funny.  But I did!  This is what a party looks like from a fish bowl:


Master Bliss and I did a little exploring, in the rain, on Sunday.  The goal was to get some exercise before getting back in the car to go home on Monday.  This is how rain hiking looks:


We dried off and warmed up here:


It was a lovely little tea house/restaurant in a picturesque town.  I felt like I had traveled back in time about 120 years.  I loved it.

The party Sunday lasted until 10:30/11:00PM with the kiddos and future in-laws coming over afterwards to open gifts (do you understand why I say our hostess was such a gem?  even providing tea and snacks at that late hour…better woman than I).  Before retiring we told our Hostess that we would “just be getting up and going” Monday morning–trying to let her know we didn’t expect any type of breakfast (or pomp and circumstance).  We thought she “got it” but we woke to eggs, bacon, coffee, pancakes–the works.  Unbelievable.

Of course we got to drive home through a snow storm because freak snow storms at the end of April only happen when we have to be on the road for 12 hours (did I mention that already?).  Thankfully, we didn’t encounter any problems and saw just one roll-over.  But it was kind of surreal seeing this…:


…at the end of April.

We got home late, late, late Monday night because we (of course) had to get some groceries and get 300 pictures developed for the party favors we worked on ALL DAY Tuesday and parts of Wednesday morning.  The rest of yesterday was no less taxing…after the party favors were done we had to go shopping for some other wedding paraphernalia, stop by the venue and chat up the help there on what was still needed and by when, and stop by about 12,000 stores looking for the perfect floor mat for Master Bliss’ office area.  Is it any wonder I am still in my pajamas–with no apologies–Thursday morning at 9:24 AM?  I may stay in them all day.  In fact I may not move from this chair at all.

Oh yeah.  The beta fish died yesterday.

~~Mistress Bliss~~

P.S.  My last word is one of advice.  Should you ever be invited to an event, wedding or otherwise, that requires a RSVP, please send the @#$& card back.  Merci, lovelies.


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the weekend involved…

…experiments in nail polish again.  It’s not Chanel Peridot but it’s nice (and only $3.99).

Rags to Riches it’s called.  Love it.

It looks great on the toes.  I did my fingernails for fun…trying color on them again.  Not as many slight panics this time around but I did try shredding them when I was tearing my basil for caprese salad.

On Saturday I received a dividends reward for Talbots.  Then they sent an email advertising 25% off and free shipping for regular priced items.  This was no time to waste or wait around to use my dividend.  I thought about what would shimmy up my minimalist wardrobe for Fall and decided on this:

(via talbots.com)

Hear me purr.

While searching I found this and thought it looked vaguely familiar:

Ohmy!  I didn’t notice those shoes until I put the picture in this post (note to self).

Besides the wardrobe, some pantry items needed replenishing.  I bought some loose leaf green tea and black tea.  The green is wonderful.  Tomorrow I may try the Provence one.

Look, they are already buddies.

I also needed olive oil.  I have bought my olive oil from a Middle Eastern specialty store in the past.  Lebanese olive oil–it is wonderful.  I decided to kill two birds with one stone and get what I needed at an olive oil bar near the tea store.  Have you ever been to one of those?  You can taste test prior to buying.  There were hordes of people doing oil shots in this store.  My Belle Fille and I were perplexed.  Who drinks oil?  I found a high heat variety, poured some in a little cup to smell and dip my finger in… I certainly wasn’t going to chug it.   And that is what I bought.  The oilholics were making me nervous so we skeedaddled out of there.  I will be going back to my Middle Eastern store in the future both for price and the fact no one is hanging around the vats throwing back shots.

Sunday I got a lovely afternoon to myself.  I watched “Bliss” (and why wouldn’t I?).  It was AMAZING.  It is a Turkish film that tells the heart-wrenching story of an assault on a young woman who lives in a crazy, old-tradition village.  It is decided by the mafia-type village leader that she must be done away with because of the shame she has brought the family.  A man is chosen to do the “offing” and that is all I am going to say about it.  The cinematography is wonderful…the old-value, tradition bound village and its people are shot in a black and white with slight hues of color (think: a painted black and white photo) and the “modern” world is in color.  I just loved it.  I had to pause it a couple of times just to relax a little bit…it’s not scary, just unbelievable and taut.  I cried in the end.   I have added it to my movie queue so that Master Bliss can see it too (it is a “play it now” on Netflix).  I also started, but need to finish, “Queen To Play”–a French film with Kevin Kline.  Very sweet story so far.  I heart Kevin Kline.  His French voice makes me swoon.

Today (Monday) is reserved for bill paying, painting (Master Bliss has done a lot of touch-up painting getting ready for the Historic House Tour) and household chores.  We did start the day with breakfast out–I think that will be our fun for today. 

Two more things to share that I found really funny over the past few days:

1)  Rockefeller was bugging me when I was in the middle of trying to accomplish some sort of greatness (probably shopping for vintage handbags on Etsy).  For as long as we have had him, he is pretty ambiguous about letting us know when he needs to go out.   We have hung a bell but he never caught on.  He doesn’t go sit by the door and bark.  He doesn’t scratch at the door.  Nothing.  So I just regularly take him out.  Well, apparently I must have waited too long and him pawing at my legs wasn’t triggering any response so he figured out a new way to let me know:

Boy did I laugh at this.  I grabbed a bag, leashed him, opened the door and was dragged to the backyard where he promptly plopped and pooped.  Was it a flook?  Time will tell.

2.  I got a flier from Estee Lauder.   For some reason I am not tempted to buy their cosmetics:

Liz was on the front cover–with a black eye.  I think they need to offer a better concealer.

OK–that’s a wrap.

How was your weekend?


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tea for two and two for tea


Pardon my blog absence but Master Bliss and I have been working like dogs on hauling things out of here for a big garage sale.  The sale was supposed to be this coming weekend.  However, due to some schedule changes with us and one of our friend’s who is involved too, we have moved it to the next weekend.  Just as well because there is a lot to be done.  And it never fails, as we clean out one area, be it basement, garage or other, another project usually presents itself–screens to put in, a forgotten box to go through, a yard to mow, etc.  

With having family here last week and then not feeling well for few days (got a touch of mom’s plague), I realized I was missing our newly instituted afternoon tea ritual.  So today I ran down to the grocery store to get a few items to make this:


Home-made Strawberry Gluten-Free Shortcake with real whipped cream.  You want to see it again:

i even have a tea cozy from harrods of london...if you haven't used a tea cozy, i recommend it--it really does help to keep your tea hot longer

Master Bliss loves Strawberry Shortcake.  I love real whipped cream.  And we both love  Harney and Sons Paris tea (thanks, Adrienne, for the introduction!).  I use loose leaf tea and always make it in my Blue Willow teapot.  I pulled these luncheon sets out to glam it up a bit.   When everything was ready, I called in my grubby lawn boy and we sat down to a civilized tea together.   One can never be too busy for an afternoon tea break.  It is complete joie de vivre.

What is your tea ritual?


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